Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who Are You?


* Title: Who Are You?
* Also known as: Who Is It?
* Genre: Romance
* Episodes: 17

* Yoon Kye Sang as Cha Seung Hyo
* Go Ah Ra as Son Young In
* Jin Yi Han as Shim Jae Ha
* Kang Nam Gil as Son Il Gun
* Kim Sung Eun as Yoo Ha Young

Extended Cast

* Lee Un as Kwon Yong Duk
* Lee Min Jung as Yang Ji Suk
* Park Ji Young as Kim Young Ae
* Ahn Sun Young as Secretary Yeo / Yeo Ji Won
* Jung Ho Bin as Attorney Yoon / Yoon Hyo Jin
* Jo Duk Hyun as Driver Pi
* Ki Joo Bong as Choi Chul Soo (Seung Hyo's father)
* Kim Mi Kyung as Oh Young Hee (Ho Joong's mother)
* Kim Hyung Jung as Bond Trader 1
* Jung Hwan Gyu as Bond Trader 2
* Yoon Joo Sang as Sa Shin / Death Angel
* Sun Woo Yong Nyeo as Geum Nan Hee
* Kim Bo Kang
* Kim Sung Gi

Cha Seung Hyo is an abandoned child who gets adopted in the United States and grows up to be a cold hearted person. Son Il Gun is a father who died, but he left things unfinished with his daughter. In order to make sure that his daughter is provided for he controls Seung Hyo's body for three hours a day for 49 days. He buys his daughter the things he couldn't do when he was alive with Seung Hyo's money. Il Gun's daughter, Young In, is a quick-tempered girl who meets Seung Hyo during her part-time job. At first she has a bad impression of him but she gradually starts to fall for the lonely Seung Hyo who is unable to open up to anyone else because of his bitter past.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Rolling Love / Fan Gun Ba! Dan Chao Fan


  • Title: Fan Gun Ba! Dan Chao Fan
  • English title: Rolling Love
  • Genre: Romance
  • Opening theme song: Heng Xing Star by Fahrenheit
  • Ending theme song: Xiao Shi De Cai Hong The Disappeared Rainbow by Genie Zhu


Leng Lie comes from a well-off family and is a Cordon Bleu trained chef who is widely acclaimed for his nearly perfect cuisine. He is admired Internationally by women and chefs as a representative of the highest standards. Though in Leng Lie's heart there is a regret from a Valentines Day two years in the past, as singer/songwriter Guan Xiao Shu suddenly hit the big time. Xiao Shu and Leng Lie grew up together as close friends until one day, Valentine's Day, Leng Lie decided to confess his feelings. Unfortunately, an unexpected accident took place that day. Xiao Shu was victim of a car accident which stole her eyesight. Feeling responsible, Leng Lie decided to take care of Xiao Shu's future, but not wanting a love based on remorse, Xiao Shu rejected him.
One day Xiao Shu entered the "Fried Rice with Egg" diner. The simple and plain fried rice she ate there had an odd effect on her. She felt relaxed and carefree. Odder still, the cook who prepared the meal could only cook eggs and rice. Michelin was new and a rather bumbling chef. Though Michelin possesed a latent talent for cooking he only relied on the skills his father had passed on to him. With this, he had earned himself a reputation and an income in the vilage by producing 100 plates of fried rice with egg each day. Though, upon meeting Xiao Shi the many flavors of food and love opened up to him. Likewise, Michelin's frank nature gives Xiao Shu the ability to cultivate an independent lifestyle. All the while, Leng Lie has stayed by Xiao Shu's side secretly aiding her, witnessing the growing feelings between Xiao Shu and Michelin.


  • Jiro Wang as Michelin
  • Danson Tang as Leng Lie
  • Genie Zhuo as Guan Xiao Shu
  • Xiao Xun as Wasabi
  • Huang Wan Boas Cai San Cheng
  • Huang Jia Qian as Nancy
  • Lance Yuas Jerry
  • Liu Zhe Ying as Tilly
  • Yun Zhong Yue as Leng Zhong Tian
  • Huang Xi Tian as Lin Wan Fu
  • Bu Xue Liang as Fu Ye
  • Ge Lei as Principal
  • A Jiao as Ah Hao Yi
  • Jin Wen as Gui Po Po

Production Credits

  • Producer: Jerry Feng / Wang Xin Gui
  • Director: Wang Ming tai

Dou Niu. Yao Bu Yao?

OSt : Dou Niu Yao Bu Yao


  • Title: Dou Niu. Yao Bu Yao?
  • English Title: Basketball
  • Also known as: Bull Fighting / Hooping Dulcinea
  • Genre: Romance / Comedy / Basketball
  • Episodes: 17
  • Opening theme song: Dou Niu. Yao Bu Yao by TANK
  • Ending theme song: Zui Jin Hai Hao Ma by S.H.E


  • Hebe as Yi Sheng Xue
  • Mike He as Shen Ruo He
  • Lee Wei as Jin Zi Cong

East Sun College

  • Liang Zhe as Zhou Bi Shou
  • Huang Pai Jun as Xu Zhe Kai
  • Chen Wei Han as Jia Bao Bei
  • Wang Xin Yi as Mei Fei
  • Qian De Men as School doctor
  • Dai Jun Zhu as Chen Yi Jun

Lanti College of Physics

  • Gao Yi Xiang as Tank
  • Ding Chun Cheng as Roma

It started as a 3-on-3 basketball competition between two rival schools; an annual event in which the winner would control the 13th Street basketball court for the following year. To everybody's surprise, the 9-year reigning champion lost this year... and it was all because of one girl. Now, this game has a new purpose.

Yi Sheng Xue ( Hebe), a hot-headed young girl, is an avid Bull Fighting fan. At her side is her loyal childhood friend and personal bodyguard, Jin Zi Cong ( Lee Wei ). Their lives take a drastic turn when they meet Shen Ruo He ( Mike He ) whom Sheng Xue falls deeply in love with. However, they encounter many obstacles that stand in the way of them being together.

Will love triumph over evil? And will Zi Cong be able to live with seeing the woman he loves, love another man?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You Are My Destiny


* Title: You Are My Destiny
* Genre: Romance
* Episodes: over 100
* Broadcast network: KBS1
* Broadcast period: 2008


Im Yoon Ah is a a girl who tries to find a new meaning in life after she receives an organ donation from another girl of the same age. Jang Sae-byeok, a very cheerful and positive girl, tries to find a new meaning in life after she receives an eye cornea transplant from another girl of the same age. To express thanks to the doner's family, Sae-byeok visits the bereaved family of the dead girl, Na-yeong. But Na-yeong's parents who even have no idea that their daughter was killed by traffic accident are shocked to fall in a faint. But as time goes by, Sae-byeok becomes close with Na-yeong's family and the family, who become to be aware that Sae-byeok is an orphan, slowly accepts her as a daughter.


* Im Yoon Ah
* Lee Pil Mo
* Lee Hye Sook
* Jung Ae Ri
* Kang Suk Woo
* Sa Mi Ja

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