Monday, May 13, 2013

Marry into the Purple 嫁入豪門

Judul: Marry Into The Purple
Genre: Drama
Tahun Produksi: 2013
Episodes: 1
Total: 6 disks

Bahasa: Mandarin
Subtitles: Indonesia + Inggris
Pemain: Charmaine Sheh, Amigo Jiang, Benny Qian, Kelvin Lu, Ken Tong

Year 1925, the country was torn by warlordism. In Jiangnam, Xu family who ran soya sauce business was set up by powerful warlord Cao Zhen Fang, pushing them to poverty. In order to fulfill the betrothal promised to Xu family, the adopted daughter of Shen family; Shen Ying Xiu decided to replace her elder sister Shen Ying Di in marrying their only son Xu Jia Jun. After Ying Xiu real identity was exposed, Father Xu died from anger. Jia Jun ran away from home. Meanwhile, Ying Di schemes finally succeeded and she got married into the wealthy Cao family. However, her husband Cao Rui is a womanizer, causing her much grief.

Jia Jun followed Xiao Jiu as a disciple and led Xiao army to attack Cao army. Furious, Cao Zhen Fang took his mother and Ying Xiu as hostage. Jia Jun couldn’t be swayed. In order to protect Mother Xu, Ying Xiu suffered many abuses and insults, improving her relationship with her mother-in-law in the progress. Ying Di, seeing Cao Rui attraction to Ying Xiu, took advantage of this to secure her status in the Cao family. The relationship between the sisters is damaged beyond repair.

During the battle between Cao and Xiao army, Cao Zhen Fang was captured. It turns out that Jia Jun is Cao’s biological son, exposing the truth that Cao Rui is not his real son. Cao Rui was disowned and lived in poverty, died from misery. Alone, Ying Di looked back and regretted her actions. Wartime, Cao Zhen Fang conspired with Japanese and end up bearing the consequences of his evil actions. After the war ended, Jia Jun returned to his hometown and rebuilds their family business with Ying Xiu.

Bullet Brain


Title: 神探高倫布
Cantonese/Mandarin title: Sun Tam Ko Len Bo
English title: Bullet Brain
Genre: Detective, mystery
Episodes: 25
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2013-Apr-08 to 2013-May-10


A bullet turns a simple-minded boy into a heartless detective.
What will happen when the affections meet the ruthlessness?
Is the sudden wisdom a gift or a disaster?
The story is set in the 1960s Hong Kong. The sincere KO TAI HEI (Wayne Lai) smuggles to HK, where his father's good friend KAM LO YIK (Joe Junior) recommended him to join the police force. One time, he had an accident and got shot in the head. Pieces of the bullet went into his brain cells and oddly increased his IQ significantly. Since then, HEI turned into an intelligent detective capable of cracking down strange cases. However, his personality changed as well, turning him into a cold-hearted person who will do things by unscrupulous means. The only exception was his good friend BAO PING ON (Pierre Ngo) in which he would be a little more friendly to. HEI's boss noticed something was wrong, and immediately sent out female officer KAM YI WA (Sire Ma) to secretly supervise him, but unexpectedly she turns against the boss and defended HEI instead. WA later develops a relationship with her colleague CHOI FEI LUNG (Edwin Siu). Because HEI met famous courtesan SZETO NAM (Natalie Tong), who physically resembles his first love MUI MUI (Natalie Tong), the relationships become complicated. PING ON couldn't bear to watch HEI go wrong more and more, so he initially planned to rescue HEI, but ends up injuring him and caused another turn back...

Wayne Lai as Columbo Ko Len Bo / Ko Tai Hei
Pierre Ngo as Pao Ping On
Natalie Tong as Mui Mui / Szeto Nam
Sire Ma as Eva Kim
Edwin Siu as Choi Fei Lung
Lau Dan as Choi Tin
Brian Burrell as Mr. Scott
Joe Junior as Louis Kim
Davily Leung
Corinna Chamberlain as Joanna Rose

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Title : article 22 the marriage rules 第22条婚规 第


第22条婚规 第


Title : article 22 the marriage rules 6disc tamat,

main cast,
huang shengyi,
song xiao bao,
zheng luo qian

Romantic comedy. 2013. Liyue Tong is a “golden
shengnu”; a successful, trendy and attractive unmarried lady. After endless blind dates, her mother forces her to marry as her father is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Liyue Tong calls in Zhang Duo to play her future husband in order to satisfy her mother. Unavoidably, their feigned love slowly turns into reality.

Monday, May 6, 2013

美人龍湯 / Mei Ren Long Tang

Spring love 3 disc

Title: 美人龍湯 / Mei Ren Long Tang
English title: Spring Love
Genre: Romance

Description: After his mother's death, Long Tai
returned to Taiwan in search for his long lost father and twin brother. When people mistook him for his brother, who had left the country, he perpetuated the mistake. The change did not go unnoticed by his brother's foe, Zhao Ren Hu, who had planned on defeating Long Tian He in a festival competition and taking over Long's hot spring. As per agreement, the defeated Zhao sent his sister to Long's house to work as an indenture servant for a year. Although he secretly ordered his sister to spy on Long, the sister had other things in mind.


Mike He as Long Tai 龍太 / Long Tian He 龍天賀
Lin Ying Zhen as Zhao Ren Mei 趙人美

Le Le (樂樂) as Childhood Ren Mei

Nylon Chen as Zhao Ren Hu 趙人虎

Su Pin Jie (蘇品杰) as Childhood Ren Hu

Sato Mai (佐藤麻衣) as Kitano Atsuko 北野溫子

愛的創可貼 (Our Love)

愛的創可貼 (Our Love) - 6 disc

Cast Yedda Chen, Bryant Chang, Joanne Ceng, Wei Qian Xiang, Yang Rong, Zou Ting Wei, Rosie Yang, Jerry Yuan, Herry Zheng, and more

Origin Mainland China

Genre Romance

Episodes 36 (TV version); 32 (DVD version?)

Theme 簡單去愛,才能獲得真正的幸福 (promo tagline);治愈愛情 ,勇敢去愛 (mv trailers tagline);愛可以治愈心裏的傷痕, 真摯的愛能溫暖人心

Reasons to watch Classic premise/set but details are not lame (e.g., parents' generation and their past are obstacles for the two main couples but weren't the focus of the drama; unusual for female lead to find out male lead's real identity before they actually fall deeply in love), no super angsty moments (says 'no' to lame usage of plot devices), portrays gradual and healing romantic relationships (not intense, extreme, and unrealistic love), very fitting OST (nice to listen to whether as insert songs or normal pop song), opening of the drama already set the atmosphere well (similar style as 'Frog Prince', especially the depiction of the male lead), drama has a sincere and warm feel (more similar to older Taiwanese idol dramas), simple and touching (drama's style returns to basic, nothing fancy, with original elements of an idol drama), beautiful scenery

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