Monday, May 6, 2013

愛的創可貼 (Our Love)

愛的創可貼 (Our Love) - 6 disc

Cast Yedda Chen, Bryant Chang, Joanne Ceng, Wei Qian Xiang, Yang Rong, Zou Ting Wei, Rosie Yang, Jerry Yuan, Herry Zheng, and more

Origin Mainland China

Genre Romance

Episodes 36 (TV version); 32 (DVD version?)

Theme 簡單去愛,才能獲得真正的幸福 (promo tagline);治愈愛情 ,勇敢去愛 (mv trailers tagline);愛可以治愈心裏的傷痕, 真摯的愛能溫暖人心

Reasons to watch Classic premise/set but details are not lame (e.g., parents' generation and their past are obstacles for the two main couples but weren't the focus of the drama; unusual for female lead to find out male lead's real identity before they actually fall deeply in love), no super angsty moments (says 'no' to lame usage of plot devices), portrays gradual and healing romantic relationships (not intense, extreme, and unrealistic love), very fitting OST (nice to listen to whether as insert songs or normal pop song), opening of the drama already set the atmosphere well (similar style as 'Frog Prince', especially the depiction of the male lead), drama has a sincere and warm feel (more similar to older Taiwanese idol dramas), simple and touching (drama's style returns to basic, nothing fancy, with original elements of an idol drama), beautiful scenery

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