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불의 여신 정이 / Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire

Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire -5 disc

Title: 불의 여신 정이 / Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire
Chinese Title: 火之女神 靖兒
Genre: Historical, Romance, Political, Melodrama
Episodes: 32 + 2 Special
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-July-01 to 2013-Oct-22


This drama will potray the live of Yoo Jung, also known as Jung Yi (Moon Geun Young), the first female potter in the Joseon Dynasty. After she was kidnapped to Japan during a war, she demonstrated the superiority of Joseon potters in Japan.

This drama also depicts the story of Prince Gwang Hae (Lee Sang Yoon), a sad prince whose life was like a wild storm. He had to let go of Jung Yi no matter how deep his love. He will go through a lonely struggle because he could not put out a flame in his heart toward a woman he loved.


Main Cast

Moon Geun Young as Yoo Jung
- Jin Ji Hee as Yoo Jung (young)
Lee Sang Yoon as Prince Kwang Hae
- No Young Hak as Kwang Hae (young)
Kim Bum as Kim Tae Do
- Park Gun Tae as Kim Tae Do (Young)
Park Gun Hyung as Lee Yook Do
- Oh Seung Yoon as Lee Yook Do (Young)
Seo Hyun Jin as Hwa Ryung
- Kim Ji Min as Hwa Ryung (Young)

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the seven-year itch / 七年之痒(电视剧) 6 disc

the seven-year itch / 七年之痒(电视剧) 6 disc

Stars:Wen Qing / less / Jiang Xiaohan / Li / Wang Xinjun / Jiang Linjing /

"The seven year itch" tells of three different personality, family couples, mainly Wei Haidong (Hua Shao) and Chen Xiaohe (Wen Qing) as the lead. Over thirty-five year old Wei Haidong and his wife Chen Xiaohe lived in urban white-collar workers to live in the city, their marriage has gone through seven years, to the so-called itch stage, have not they believe the ordinary people the situation will appear in himself, but as time passes, when the sweet love is the reality of life a little bit nibble, emotional cracks began to appear, the building of marriage suddenly appears to be placed in jeopardy.

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Timeless love

Timeless love

Also Known As:
Yong Gan You Xi
Mission: Rescue

Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Release Date: 6 September 2013
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Adventure


Li Xiaolu
Leon Jay Williams
Annie Yi
Alex Fong Chung-Sun
Liao Jingsheng
Liu Dandan
Livia Wang
Lee Na Wei Cie

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唐宮燕之女人天下 / Women of the Tang Dynasty

Women of the Tang Dynasty - 5 disc

Mandarin title: 唐宮燕之女人天下 / Women of the Tang Dynasty
Episode: 46
Genre: Drama
Director: Zhang Xiao Zheng
Screenwriter: Chen Shi San
Broadcast year: 2012

Annie Liu as Meng Fu
Liu Ting Yu as Meng Fan
Kristy Yang as Princess Tai Ping
Kara Hui as Emperor Wu Ze Tian (Wu Zhao)
Nathan Lee as Emperor Tang Xuan Zong (Li Long Ji)
Florence Tan as Shang Guan Wan Er
He Sai Fei as Empress Wei
Kou Zhen Hai as Wu San Si
Liu Na Ping as Princess An Le
Lu Yu Lin as Wu Chong Xun
Ken Lok as Emperor Tang Rui Zong (Li Dan)
Xie Zu Wu as Tang Zhong Zong (Li Xian)
Chen Wei Han as Li Chong Jun
Li Xiao Ning as Zhang Yi Zhi
Gao Hai as Zhang Ling Zhen

Power struggle between the families of Li and Wu after the fall of China's only woman Emperor, Wu Ze Tian with 2 sisters, Meng Fan and Meng Fu caught in between them. Reality and survival caused rifts as both of them find themselves entangled in schemes and betrayal in the royal harem.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

굿닥터 / Good Doctor

Good Doctor - 4 disc end

Title: 굿닥터 / Good Doctor
Chinese Title: 好医生
Previously known as: 그린 메스 / Green Scalpel
Genre: Medical, Romance, Melodrama, Family
Episodes: 20 + 1 Special


A medical drama based in the pediatrics department.

This drama will draw the story of a young man, Park Shi On (Joo Won) with Idiot Savant Syndrome who overcomes obstacles to become a pediatric surgeon. He is a pediatrician who despite his developmental disabilities is a medical genius. He is a gifted doctor but has trouble with other areas of his life, such as relating to people socially.

Meanwhile, Cha Yoon Seo (Moon Chae Won) is a pediatric surgical fellow and Kim Do Han (Joo Sang Wook) is the best pediatric surgeons in Korea. He will finds himself frequently in confrontation with Park Shi On.

This drama will also show the love triangle between Park Shi On, Cha Yoon Seo and Kim Do Han.


Main Cast

Joo Won as Park Shi On
- Choi Ro Woon as Shi Ohn (Child)
Moon Chae Won as Cha Yoon Seo
Joo Sang Wook as Kim Do Han
Kim Min Seo as Yoo Chae Kyung

High Officials of Sung Won University Hospital

Chun Ho Jin as Choi Woo Suk (director)
Kwak Do Won as Kang Hyun Tae (deputy director)
Nah Young Hee as Lee Yeo Won (chief director)
Jo Hee Bong as Go Choong Man (chief of Department of Pediatric Surgery)
Lee Ki Yeol as Lee Hyuk Pil (managing director of hospital foundation)
Jung Man Shik as Kim Jae Joon (chief of Department of Hepatobiliary-Pancreatic Surgery)
Kim Chang Wan as Chairman Jung

그녀의 신화 / Her Legend


Her Legend - 4 disc end

Title: 그녀의 신화 / Her Legend
Chinese Title: 她的神話
Also known as: Her Myth / Bag Story
Genre: Romance, Family
Episodes: 20


A drama about two women with switched fates and a man who has everything finding the truth and preciousness of life.

It will follow the love and success story of Eun Jung Soo (Choi Jung Won) who works her way up in luxury handbag industry, Do Jin Hoo (Kim Jeong Hoon) who is a smart and handsome heir of the greatest fashion group, and Eun Kyung Hee (Son Eun Seo) who has to hide her true identity for her dreams.


Main Cast

Kim Jeong Hoon as Do Jin Hoo
Choi Jung Won as Eun Jung Soo
- Kim Soo Hyun as Jung Soo (child)
Son Eun Seo as Kim Seo Hyun / Eun Kyung Hee
- Park So Young as Kyung Hee (teen)
- Shin Soo Yun as Kyung Hee (child)
Park Yoon Jae as Kang Min Ki

リバウンド Rebound - 2 disc end

Rebound - 2 disc end
Title: リバウンド
Title (romaji): Rebound
Tagline: シアワセになりてぇ
Tagline (romaji): Shiawase ni narite
Tagline (English): I wanna be happy
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Romantic comedy
Episodes: 10

Broadcast period: 2011-Apr-27 to 2011-Jun-29


After a failed relationship, Nobuko puts her all into dieting and finds success. She begins to work for her favorite fashion magazine, and just when her new life is falling into place she meets Taiichi, a handsome patissier. However, when Nobuko eats cakes, she can't stop - moreover, if she gains weight, she'll be fired. In the end, will Nobuko rebound...?

Aibu Saki as Oba Nobuko
Konishi Mau (小西舞優) as 6-year old Nobuko (ep1,4-10)
Sato Runan (佐藤瑠南) as 10-year old Nobuko (ep1,4-10)
Yoshino Ayaka (芳野彩夏) as 15-year old Nobuko (ep1,4-10)
Misono Yuri (御園有里) as 17-year old Nobuko (ep1)
Hayami Mokomichi as Imai Taichi

Hot mom

Hot mom : 5 disc end Cast
Betty Sun,
Vivian Wu,
Zhang Chen Guang
Freaky True Story menggambarkan kisah awal di kampus , Mingdao dan Zhang Yi adalah teman terbaik dan keduanya berteman dengan Betty Sun, tapi kemudian Betty Sun menjadi pacar Mingdao itu. Kemudian, Mingdao pergi ke luar negeri untuk belajar dan Zhang Yi merebut pacarnya. Mingdao mengatakan bahwa temannya yang baik menjadi musuh membuatnya terkejut.

Friday, October 4, 2013

주군의 태양 / The Master’s Sun

The Master’s Sun - 4 disc end

Title: 주군의 태양 / The Master’s Sun
Chinese Title: 主君的太陽
Also known as: The Sun of My Master / The Sun of the Lord
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 17
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-07 to 2013-Oct-03


The story revolves around a woman who can see ghosts and a man who tries to protect her, and is described as a drama with horror and romantic elements infused together.

Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub) is a miserly, greedy and conceited CEO, who measures all human relationships through money. Meanwhile, Tae Gong Sil (Gong Hyo Jin) is a melancholy and tearful assistant, who is able to see ghosts after an accident and thus suffers from insomnia. She lives a very reclusive and closed-off life due to her ability.

The story is being touted as “soul healing” drama that brings together very different types of people: one who can see and hear things that no one else in the world can and another who only hears and see things he wants too. As Joo Joong Won starts to believe in Tae Gong Shil’s claim of being able to see ghosts, these two people will grow together in faith and in character.


Main Cast

So Ji Sub as Joo Joong Won / Joo-goon
- L @ Kim Myung Soo as Joong Won (young)
Gong Hyo Jin as Tae Gong Sil / Tae-yang
Seo In Guk as Kang Woo
Kim Yoo Ri as Tae Yi Ryung

People around Joo Joong Won

Choi Jung Woo as Kim Gwi Do
Kim Mi Kyung as Joo Sung Ran (Joong Won’s aunt)
Lee Jong Won as Do Suk Chul (Sung Ran’s husban

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失恋33天 Love Is Not Blind

Love Is Not Blind - 4 disc

Title in Chinese – 失恋33天
Title in Pinyin – Shi Lian 33 Tian

Genre – Romantic Comedy


Xiao Xian is a wedding planner in a stable relationship who catches her boyfriend Lu Ran with her best friend Jia Qi. After losing her boyfriend and best friend in one day, Xiao Xian struggles to overcome depression and sadness and put her like back together again. Xiao Xian’s colleague and friend Yiyang comes to her rescue by giving her his form of tough love that helps her regain her pride and move on with her life.


Wen Zhang as Wang Xiaojian(Wang Yiyang)
Bai Baihe as Huang Xiaoxian
Zhang Jiayi as Da Laowang
Guo Jingfei as Lu Ran
Wang Yaoqing as Wei Yiran
Zhang Zixuan as Li Ke
Cao Cuifen as Aunt

Thursday, October 3, 2013

璀璨人生 / Shining Days

Shining Days - 7 disc

Title:  璀璨人生 / Cui Can Ren Sheng
English title: Shining Days
Genre: Romance, Drama
Producer:  Zhou Dan 周丹
Episodes: 50
Broadcast Date: August 27, 2013

Li Qin as Yu Fei
Kan Qing Zi as Ye Lin
Peter Ho as Zhang He Fan
Michael Zhang as Xia Yu Yang
Zhang Yu Ting (杨雨婷) as Yu Yue
Yang Ming Na as Yang Man Ping
Zhang Yi (张衣) as Yu Qiang
Miao Jun Jie (缪俊杰) as Ye Wei 叶伟
Amanda Zhou as Liu Xiao Hui
Yin Zhao De (尹昭德) as Ye Ping Tao
Liu Wen Zhi (刘文治) as Yangs father
An Yu (安宇) as Yes mother
as Zhang Jian Jun
Shi Jia (时佳) as assistant

Yu Fei (Li Qin) is strong-willed but kind girl living an average life. She meets and becomes close friends with the rich, proud Ye Lin (Kan Qing Zi). By accident, Ye Lin discovers her fiancee Zhang He Fan (Peter Ho) is actually in love with Yu Fei. It was because when He Fan was a child, Yu Fei rescued him from some robbers. From then on, He Fan could not forget Yu Fei.

Ye Lin, who never admits defeat blames everything on Yu Fei. She decides to use Yu Fei’s childhood sweetheart / boyfriend Xia Yu Yang (Michael Zhang) to seek revenge. It is also revealed Yu Fei and Ye Lin are actually stepsisters who share the same father. Several years ago, to seek revenge on the woman who broke up her marriage, Yu Fei’s mother switched Yu Fei and Ye Lin when they were infants. Knowing the truth Yu Fei didn’t want to hurt Ye Lin even more since it was not her fault, but Ye Lin could not accept losing her love and her family at the same time. She decided she will never give up her ‘shining life’ to Yu Fei!

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