Thursday, October 24, 2013

the seven-year itch / 七年之痒(电视剧) 6 disc

the seven-year itch / 七年之痒(电视剧) 6 disc

Stars:Wen Qing / less / Jiang Xiaohan / Li / Wang Xinjun / Jiang Linjing /

"The seven year itch" tells of three different personality, family couples, mainly Wei Haidong (Hua Shao) and Chen Xiaohe (Wen Qing) as the lead. Over thirty-five year old Wei Haidong and his wife Chen Xiaohe lived in urban white-collar workers to live in the city, their marriage has gone through seven years, to the so-called itch stage, have not they believe the ordinary people the situation will appear in himself, but as time passes, when the sweet love is the reality of life a little bit nibble, emotional cracks began to appear, the building of marriage suddenly appears to be placed in jeopardy.

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