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リバウンド Rebound - 2 disc end

Rebound - 2 disc end
Title: リバウンド
Title (romaji): Rebound
Tagline: シアワセになりてぇ
Tagline (romaji): Shiawase ni narite
Tagline (English): I wanna be happy
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Romantic comedy
Episodes: 10

Broadcast period: 2011-Apr-27 to 2011-Jun-29


After a failed relationship, Nobuko puts her all into dieting and finds success. She begins to work for her favorite fashion magazine, and just when her new life is falling into place she meets Taiichi, a handsome patissier. However, when Nobuko eats cakes, she can't stop - moreover, if she gains weight, she'll be fired. In the end, will Nobuko rebound...?

Aibu Saki as Oba Nobuko
Konishi Mau (小西舞優) as 6-year old Nobuko (ep1,4-10)
Sato Runan (佐藤瑠南) as 10-year old Nobuko (ep1,4-10)
Yoshino Ayaka (芳野彩夏) as 15-year old Nobuko (ep1,4-10)
Misono Yuri (御園有里) as 17-year old Nobuko (ep1)
Hayami Mokomichi as Imai Taichi

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