Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Always Smile!/ 微笑在我心 / Wei Xiao Zai Wo Xin


* Title:微笑在我心 / Wei Xiao Zai Wo Xin
* English title: Always Smile!
* Also known as: Smile in my Heart
* Genre: Drama, romance
* Episodes: 30


After running away from home, Liang Yufang, the second generation inheritor of a five-star hotel, began work at the bottom level of his family's hotel under a different name. Tian Wei's dream is to become a singer, but due to her alcoholic father and mentally-challenged brother, she had to find work. With the help of her friends, she became a pastry worker in Liang Yufang's family hotel.
There, the two meet and, after a series of misunderstandings, fell in love.
Yet when the truth about Liang Yufang's identity came out, Tian Wei began to doubt his truthfulness to her. Meanwhile, Yufang's family opposed the couple, especially because of Tian Wei's brother.
At this crucial moment, Zhao Xi, who has been working with Yufang, breaks between the two. After being rejected by Yufang in public, the Liang family feels indebted to her. She slowly rises in the hotel and becomes a part of family, eventually getting engaged to Yufang. But she also has a dark motive for all this - revenge.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Easy Fortune Happy Life


  • Title: 福氣又安康 / Fu Qi You An Kang
  • Also known as: Easy Fortune Happy Life
  • Genre: Romance, comedy
  • Broadcast network: TTV / SETTV
  • Opening theme song: Xing Fu Yao Cao (幸福藥草)
  • Ending theme song: Jiu Yao Xing Fu Le (就要幸福了)


These two could not have been more different. One is a happy-go-lucky girl who grows up with her brother in the mountains and was tutored in the knowledge of herbs by her grandma. The other is a businessman who grows up in a rich family expecting to take over the family pharmaceutical empire and does not hesitate to step on others in order to achieve his own gains. Fate throws them together one day when she accidentally cured his grandfather and finds herself becoming the millionaire fianc


  • Blue Lan Cheng Long (藍正龍) as Yan Da Feng (顏大風)
  • Joe Chen Qiao En (陳喬恩) as Xie Fu An (谢福安)
  • Roy Chiu Ze (邱澤) as Han Dong Jie (韓東杰)
  • Jocelyn Wang Yi Ren (王怡仁) as Jiang Zhen Zhen (江珍珍)
  • Xiu Jie Kai as Yan Yang (嚴陽)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Black & White / 痞子英雄



  • Title: 痞子英雄 / Pi Zi Ying Xiong
  • English title: Black & White
  • Genre: Police, action, romance
  • Episodes: 24
  • Broadcast network: PTS / TVBS-G

Pi Zi and Ying Xiong are two cops who are as different as day and night. One does nothing except for drinking coffee and living a luxurious lifestyle while waiting for information from dubious sources to crack his cases. Another believes law and justice are the pillars of society and is constantly on the street catching criminals… a little overzealously for his superior’s liking. When a case brought these two top crime solvers together, sparks flied and a little light peeked into this dark city where the nation's President is on friendly terms with the local triad and twins kill people while drinking milkshake.

Knock Knock Loving You / 敲敲愛上你 / Qiao Qiao Ai Shang Ni


Ni Fei Ba(Fly Away)- Zhang Yun Jing
Hei Qun Zi (Black Dress)- Zhang Yun Jing


* Title: 敲敲愛上你 / Qiao Qiao Ai Shang Ni
* English title: Knock Knock Loving You
* Also known as: Quietly Falling in Love with You
* Genre: Romance


Cheng Xue Ge had lived in the life of comfort and never knew the dark side of human nature until his father's company bankrupted. In order to restore the company, he must learn from his archrival, Yao Zi Wang, the ins and outs of being a shrewd, successful businessman. While working closely together, he slowly realizes her coldblooded ruthlessness was only a front to protect her battered heart. But before he could sort out his feelings about her, another man, Zhao Guan Xi, already has his eyes on her business talent and her hand in marriage.




Oh Dae-san / actor Kwon Sang-woo
Sells clothes in the back alleys of Dongdaemun Market and obsesses about getting rich.
Tall and handsome, he is a hustler and dresses well as he marches ahead on the road towards becoming a successful merchant. Growing up as an orphan, he does not fear failure nor does he trust anyone.
He meets Lee Joon-hee, heir to a fashion empire, by coincidence and when Lee sees that Dae-san looks just like him, he asks him if he would switch places with him...

Seo Yoo-jin / actress/singer Yoona
An aspiring designer. She has a sharp sense of style and a lot of pride.
One of the star graduates of a famous Paris fashion design school, she starts from the bottom in the fashion industry by working for Dae-san when her father, a clothes wholesaler, suddenly passes away. She doesn’t get along with Dae-san and constantly quarrels with him. By chance she meets the rich Lee Jae-min again whom she met before in Paris. His family owns a fashion empire and she can’t make up her mind whether to choose Jae-min or Dae-san, whom she has gradually grown fond of.Beautiful singer Yu-na of the popular Girl’s Generation girl group stars in this TV miniseries!

Lee Jae-min / actor Song Chang-ee
Eldest son in the family that owns a fashion empire.
As Joon-hee’s stepbrother, he makes decisions after weighing all the options before him and has impeccable manners.
He is at odds with his step-grandmother, who wishes to hand over the reins of the company to her grandson Joon-hee, who also happens to be a talented businessman.
The only woman who gives him comfort is Seo Yoo-jin, whom he met in Paris but he figures that he must marry Jang Sae-eun whose family is very wealthy and influential...

Jang Sae-eun / actress Han Eun-jeong
The only daughter of the founder of a mutual fund empire. She studied fashion design overseas.
Having sultry good looks, she did model gigs during her high school years. She is very conscious about the latest fashion trends. During her time abroad, she regrets turning down Jae-min when he proposed marriage to her, and so she wants to give him a second chance to rekindle their relationship. But she gets upset when Jae-min doesn’t show much of an interest in her. Then she spots Oh Dae-san and is attracted to his street smarts.

Lee Joon-hee / actor Kwon Sang-woo (also portrays Oh Dae-san)
Second son of the founder of a fashion empire and heir apparent.
He’s tall and has an athletic build. He’s handsome and has a sharp eye for style. But he’s arrogant and hates complications in his life.
He was sent off to France where he spent 19 years of his life. Upon hearing about his father’s illness, he returns to Korea and his grandmother, the chairwoman of the company, makes him take a managerial position at the company.
Having a heart problem just like his later mother, he asks Oh Dae-san, who is his lookalike, to pose as him for a month so that he can secretly get a heart operation without anyone in his family knowing about his medical condition. And with that he goes off to Paris for his operation...

There’s not much to life. It’s all about getting that one lucky break!

Dae-san sells his own clothing designs at a small shop in Dongdaemun Market and all he thinks about is getting rich. One day, he crosses path with Joon-hee and finds that they share an uncanny resemblance to each other. Joon-hee, who is also the heir of a fashion empire, asks Dae-san if he could pose as him for a month. While secretly posing as Joon-hee, Dae-san uses his savvy business skills to outmaneuver Lee Jae-min and also finds true love. But then his cover is blown...

Singer Yoona and Asian star Kwon Sang-woo play the leading roles in this TV miniseries!

A Man’s Story

A Man’s Story Details:
Title: 남자이야기 / A Man’s Story
Chinese Title : 一个男人的故事
Also known as : Story of a Man / Guys Talk / The Slingshot
Genre: Action, romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-06 to 2009-May-26
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55
A Man’s Story Cast and Starring :
Main Cast
Park Yong Ha as Kim Shin
Park Si Yeon as Seo Kyung Ah
Kim Kang Woo as Chae Do Woo
Han Yeo Woon as Chae Eun Soo
Lee Philip as Do Jae Myung
Park Ki Woong as Ahn Kyung Tae
Supporting Cast
Lee Moon Shik as Park Moon Ho
Jang Hang Sun as President Chae
Bang Eun Hee as Myung Sun
Kim Roe Ha as Director Oh
Lee Tae Im
Ahn Nae Sang
Baek Jae Jin
A Man’s Story Synopsis, Story and preview:
Kim Shin is a man who once had it all. A scam ruined his family and his father’s company went bankrupt because of him. He wants revenge against those who made his life a living hell. Park Si Yeon is his girlfriend who works diligently in order to help him repay his debts. Shin approaches Chae Eun Soo in order to start his revenge.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Starlit / Xin Xing De Lei Guang / 心星的淚光


  • Title: 心星的淚光 / Xin Xing De Lei Guang
  • English title: Starlit
  • Also known as: 恆星上的雙鋼琴 (Heng Xing Shang De Shuang Gang Qin)
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 22


Cheng Yue (Jerry Yan) and Rui Shan (Alice Ceng) are pianist and cellist. They are the most high-profile golden couple in the music industry. One day, Cheng Yue tried to save Xiao Lu (Terri Kwan) from car accident. But unfortunately he break his arm and can't play piano. Devastated Cheng Yue give up music and chose to travel. 2 years later, Cheng Yue arrives in Shanghai, and meet Xiao Lu (Terri Kwan). The 2 become colleagues, and due to work interactions, they gradually establish a friendship. At this time, Rui Shan finally tracks down Cheng Yue. She tries her hardest to get Cheng Yue to return to the music world. However, Xiao Lu encourages him to face life with a postive attitude, and Cheng Yue realises that he is impacted by Xiao Lu’s kidness and enthusiasm. From being a person who has hit rock-bottom, wallowing in self-pity, he has re-ignited the passion in life.
Cheng Yue falls in love with Xiao Lu, but he is rejected by her, why? Is their love fated to be a tragedy? Although they are not blessed, although they do not have a future, Cheng Yue still bravely loves Xiao Lu...


ToGetHer/Superstar Express


  • Title: 愛就宅一起 / Ai Jiu Zhai Yi Qi
  • English title: ToGetHer
  • Also known as: Superstar Express
  • Genre: Romance, comedy
  • Broadcast network: CTV / GTV
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Feb-15 / 2009-Feb-21
  • Air time: Sunday 22:00 / Saturday 21:00
  • Ending theme song: Mo Mo (默默) Silently by Fahrenheit



When an agoraphobic girl met a rinky-dink celebrity.
Their lives totally changed. Super Love story fantasy...
Let's "Go Agoraphobic!"

Momo is a pleasant looking girl that doesn't care much for her appearance and never dresses up.
Her Idol has been "casaba The Alien Prince", a main character in a comic book, since she was a little girl.
She has always believed that the prince will one day come to her in real life... She's a totally agoraphobic girl.
Her parents had both passed away so her sister ChuChu is her only family. However, ChuChu is quiet lazy and messy so Momo has to take care of her sister's daily life.

Since Momo is anti-social, her only friend at school is Chia Shen-who she grew up with. Chia Sen is the sole heir of a multi-national business, who ias athletic handsome and also happens to be Momo's childhood love.
But his IQ still remains as an eight year old, so everyone calls him "Forrest Gump". He's the swim team captain of Ching Hai University, and is always the most popular character among the sport teams.
Momo means more animosity towards this person for the first time in his life.

Mars is an idol singer who is also an actor. He's very talented with music, so his first album made him a popular star right away.
But the popularity shrank in a few years because of some negative news. His agency finally decides to freeze him with a false press release of him returning to school to obtain his bachelor's degree in order to re-estabilish a fresh image for him. But in fact, it is to let Mars fend for himself.

When Mars become Momo's room-mate, it totally change Momo's life. What does it take for a rinky-dink celebrity to fall in love with agoraphobic girl? And what does Forrest Gump need to do to get his angel back? Let's fins out what will happen when their love goes agoraphobic!
Mars is a superstar whose popularity went downhill after a series of negative publicity. His finances went into red alert and he had to find a place to live. He ended up renting a place from Mo Mo, his agoraphobic homebody landlord. He befriended her and her childhood friend Jia Sen, a swimming captain with the intelligence of an 8-year-old.


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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bad Couple / 불량커플

* Title: 불량커플 / Details

* Title: 불량커플 / Bad Couple
* Also known as: Defective Couple
* Genre: Romance, comedy
* Episodes: 16
* Broadcast network: SBS
* Broadcast period: 2007-Jun-02 to 2007-Jul-22
* Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:40


Choi Gi Chan is an University Botanic Professor with the "perfect genes." The drama is about an editor of a fashion magazine, Kim Dang Ja, who suddenly develops an urge to have her own baby despite opposing the idea of marriage. The story will talk about Dang Ja striving to look for a man with perfect genes to accomplish her mission. Gi Chan happens to be her "target" in order for her to accomplish her mission. The story later develops as Dang Ja must persuade him to do it without any commitments, which is a problem because Gi Chan doesn't believe in the idea of sex before marriage.


* Shin Eun Gyung as Kim Dang Ja
* Ryu Soo Young as Choi Gi Chan
* Choi Jung Yoon as Han Young
* Byun Jung Soo as Na Dol Soon
* Yoo Gun as Seo Joon Soo
* Chae Min Seo as Kim Se Yeon
* Park Sang Min as Kim Yoon Suk
* Kim Ha Kyoon as Jo Yong Gu
* Ji Sung Won as Ahn Jung Sook
* Lee Sun Jin as Jo Yoon Hee
* Jo Ah Ra as Seo Eun Ja
* Woo Kyung Ha as Kang Gi Na
* Kim Soo Kyum as Kim Sae Mi
* Shin Joo Ah as Lee So Young
* Kang Yi Suk as Kim Yi Chan (Han Young & Yoon Suk's son)
* Kim Hyang Gi as Jo Yeon Doo (Dol Soon & Yong Gu's daughter)
* Han In Soo as Gi Chan's father

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