Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Golden Bride

Nguyen Jin Joo - Half Korean-half Vietnamese. Father abandoned her and her mother when she was little or might even be before her birth. Lives in Hanoi with her mom and works as a translator for a match-making company. Ends up agreeing to marry Kang Jun Woo for $1,500 after her mom loses her eyesight or is near losing her sight and also after she forgets to pick up Jun Woo's mom and aunt at the airport. Moves to Korea to live with her husband and to search for her dad.

Kang Jun Woo - Heartbroken from his break-up with Ok Ji Young. Suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Marries Jin Joo but still can't forget Ji Young.

Ok Ji Young - Breaks up with Jun Woo, marries Kim Young Min, a rich and established man.

Kim Young Min - Married to Ji Young. Heir to a big company. Is very jealous of any man who comes near Ji Young.

Kim Young Su - The younger brother of Kim Young Min, is in love with Kang Sae Min (Jun Woo's younger sister) but both families are against their relationship. He's also the type to play all day instead of work.

(Both families are rivals because of the two moms)

Kang Sae Mi - The youngest of two sisters in the Kang Family. Will be having relationship with Young Soo.

Kang Won Mi - The oldest of the sisters in the Kang Family. The old maid sister whom later will fall in love with Dong Gu, Sae Mi's admirer.

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