Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Corner with Love / 轉角*遇到愛

* Title: 轉角*遇到愛 / Zhuan Jiao * Yu Dao Ai
* Also known as: Corner with Love
* Genre: Romance / Comedy
* Episodes: 16
* Broadcast network: CTV / ETTV
* Opening theme song: Ai De Yong Qi (愛的勇氣) by Megan Lai
* Ending theme song: Ai Zhuan Jiao (愛轉角) by Alan Luo
* Insert songs: see Corner with Love OST

Correlation Chart
Correlation Chart

* Barbie Xu as Yu Xin Lei (俞心蕾)
* Alan Luo as Qin Lang (秦朗)
* Lu Jia Xin as Cai Xiao Yang (蔡小陽)
* Dean Fujioka as An Teng Feng (安藤楓)
* Fang Fang (方芳) as Du Dan Po (牡丹婆)
* Harlem Yu as Lian Sheng Quan (連勝全)
* Carolyn Chen as Wen Bi Zhu (溫碧珠)
* Zhang Li Wei (張立威) as Ah Da (阿達)
* Chen Yan Ru (陳彥儒) as Jiu Ba Dao (九把刀)
* Huang Hong Sheng as Ah Yi (阿義)
* Chen Zhi Kai as Yin Shang Dong (尹尚東)
* Jiang Chao as Xiao Pang (小胖)
* Fan Ming (范明) as Cui Ge (崔哥)
* Xiao Jian (肖剑) as Bao Che Ren (包車仁)


Xin Lei (Barbie Xu), a girl from a wealthy family, and Qin Lang (Alan Luo), a guy who came to Shanghai to pursue his dream of becoming an artist, meet by accident at a corner when her car and his bike crash into each other. They meet again when Xin Lei goes to the restaurant that Qin Lang works at. They truly get to know each other when Xin Lei asks him to teach her how to make oyster pancakes. Then, Xin Lei's parents' company goes bankrupt. Without telling her, Xin Lei's parents go into hiding, leaving only a plane ticket and a key to their house in Taiwan. To make matters worse, Xin Lei's fiance breaks the engagement, due to his parents' wishes. The only two people she has now are Qin Lang and her best friend Xi Xian. Qin Lang then tells her that he is leaving for Taiwan, so they bade farewell. When Xin Lei arrives in Taiwan, she finds out that Qin Lang's family has been living in the house for years! After much controversy, Qin Lang's grandmother finally lets her stay. Thus begins a magical love story.

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