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Prince turn into Frog / 王子變青蛙

Genre: Romantic Comedy

* Title: 王子變青蛙 / Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa
* Also known as: Prince turn into Frog / Prince who turned into a Frog / Frog Prince
* Genre: Romance / Comedy
* Episodes: 20
* Broadcast network: TTV / SETTV
* Broadcast period: 2005-Jun-05 to 2005-Oct-16
* Air time: 21:30 - 23:00
* Opening theme song: Mi Huan Ji (迷魂計) Enchanting Trick by 183 Club
* Ending theme song: Zhen Ai (真愛) Pure Love by 183 Club


Shan Jun Hao, the CEO to a large hotel chain, is the stereotypical heir – spoiled, coldhearted, and ruthless. He meets Ye Tian Yu, a schemer and somewhat of a gold-digger and after a series of events, Tian Yu “accidentally” runs Jun Hao over. Turns out, Jun Hao has lost all of his memories and became a kindhearted and loving person. Just when love is in the air, Jun Hao’s family came looking for him and he has a fiancée who loves and misses him. Some more “accidents” occurred, and Jun Hao lost all of his memories of Tian Yu and went back to being a spoiled heir. However, Tian Yu fights for their love even though Jun Hao thinks of her as a lying schemer. Will Jun Hao remember his love for Tian Yu? Who will Jun Hao choose? And who is the person causing all the “accidents”?

* Ming Dao as Shan Jun Hao 單均昊
* Sam Wang as Xu Zi Qian 徐子騫
* Chen Qiao En as Ye Tian Yu 葉天瑜
* Zhao Hong Qiao as Fan Yun Xi 范芸熙
* Gino as Zhang Ming Han 張明寒
* Su Li Xin as Su Li Xin 蘇立欣
* Wang Juan as Chen Jin Zhi 陳金枝
* Li Dai Ling (李黛玲) as Jiang Cai Yue 江采月
* Huang Yu Rong as Li Da Wei 李大偉
* Zhao Shun as Tang Shun Ming 唐順明
* Cheng Bo Ren (程伯仁) as Li Tong Luo 李銅鑼
* Anthony as Ye Zheng Zhe 葉正哲
* Yun Zhong Yue (雲中岳) as Shan Yao Rong 單耀榮
* Lu Man Yin (呂曼茵) as Wu Yue Jiao 月嬌 / Wu Feng Jiao 鳳嬌
* Qiu Long Jie (邱隆杰) as Tong Hua Shun 童花順
* Na Wei Xun as Chuan Yu Nan
* Hu Pei Wei as Wang Pin Sheng
* Yang Hao (楊浩) as Gary
* Yan Xing Shu as Xie Quan 謝全
* Jacky Zhu as Huang Mai Ke 黃麥克
* Sun Xing
* Hu Kang Xing (胡康星) as Ah Sheng 阿勝
* Renzo Liu as Ding Yuan Xun 丁元勳

Production Credits

* Producer: Chen Yu San
* Director: Liu Jun Jie 劉俊傑, Chen Ming Zhang

Review by Mei

While watching this drama and even after it, the first thing that came to my mind – was this a remake of the Korean Drama “Save the Last Dance for Me”? There are many similarities, including both featured a successful heir, the other guy plotting to kill him, the heir loses the memory, and after some accident he loses the memory of the time he spent away from his family but remembers everything else. Then the main girl character would come and work for the heir. I don’t believe these similarities are truly coincidental.

First of all, the acting in this drama were very credible. Ming Dao successful executed his role as a spoiled and ruthless heir while Chen Qiao An can act like a liar and a good girl. Sam Wong expressed his character as the best friend with a secret hatred, and Zhao Hong Qiao was the perfectly groomed girl but can also act psychotic when she needed to.

The music in the drama complements the drama well; the introduction gives the idea of a scheme that someone might be implementing, and the conclusion depicts the merit of true love.

Overall rating: 3.5/5. I believe that my prior knowledge in “Save the Last Dance for Me” interfered with my liking of this drama. It was too predictable, something that I do not like in dramas. I think dramas should show the audience surprises not seen in other dramas, but I can guess exactly what will happen in this drama. Despite the good action, acting, romance, and comedy in this drama, I did not like it as much. If you wish to watch this drama, be sure you haven’t watched “Save the Last Dance for Me” or else the plot would be totally ruined. I imagine if you haven’t watched “Save the Last Dance for Me” and you watch this drama, you will enjoy seeing the twists and turns.

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