Monday, November 24, 2008

My Prince / 莱卡青蛙王子 / Lai Ka Qing Wa Wang Zi


My Prince tells the story about an ordinary family, a mother who loves money and her four handsome sons. Li Xiu Yun's biggest wish is to see her sons get married to some rich girl. She's lazy and spends most of her time gambling or talking with the neighbors, letting her sons run the household and her small flower shop. Her oldest son, Zhi Kai, works as a team leader in a company. He's very serious about work and cares a lot for his family. Second son, Zhi Wen, is a unknown model. He's popular among the girls and likes spending his spare time by bars and clubs, flirting with girls. Of course his big brother has to then help him pay the bills. Zhi Chen, the third son, is more quiet and doesn't talk much. He works in a wine bar as a bartender. The youngest of them all, Zhi Xiao, is very helpful and helps his mother run the flower shop. He's good at doing handworks. When he was little he got very high fever, which turned him to both deaf and mute. But he still keeps smiling like nothing has happened. Everyone like him and his brothers are all very protective of him.

Zhong Kai (钟凯) - Li Zhi Kai

Wu DiWen (巫迪æ–‡) - Li Zhi Wen

hang XiaoChen (å¼ æ™“æâ„¢¨) - Li ZhiChen

Song XiaoBo (å®â€¹æ™“波) - Li Zhi Xiao

Wu JianFei (å?´å»ºé£Å¾) - Han Fei

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