Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Love Keeps Going / 美樂加油 / Mei Le Jia You


Title: 美樂加油 / Mei Le Jia You
English title: Love Keeps Going
Genre: Romance
Broadcast network: CTV

A story of an egotistic guy meeting a girl who aimed to please. A casual comment from her boyfriend on wishing to open a bakery store of their own caused Mei Le to immediately abandon her lucrative job in fiance to pursuit a career in baking bread. But, her boyfriend still dumped her for someone else anyway. Her breakup directly impacted Han Yi Lie. First, her cheating boyfriend was his brother. Second, he worked better after eating her bread and couldn't function when she stopped baking it. So he decided to help her get over the unfortunate event.


Cyndi Wang as Zha Mei Le 查美樂 / He Yan Qin 何言沁
Mike He as Han Yi Lei 韓以烈
Shi Yi Nan as Han Yi Feng 韓以風
Zhang Shan Wei (張善為) as Zha Yu Cheng 查宇誠
Albee Huang as Han Yi Fei 韓以霏
Wang Yue as Han's mother
Linda Liu as Zha's mother
Zhang Jia Ning (張家寧) as Guo Xuan Xuan 郭瑄瑄
Liu Yan (柳岩) as Chu Shao Ying 楚少茵
Zhang Lun Shuo (張倫碩) as He Yan Shao 何言劭
Yu Hao Cheng (于澔丞) as Xiao Jie 小傑
Lene Lai as Xiao Jun 小君
Yi Zheng as Han's father
Xiao Xiao Bin as Xiao Zhi 小志

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