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Family Outing season 1 dan 2

 Family outing season 1 - 1 disc

Family outing season 2 - 2 disc


Episode synopsis

The show is a two day and one night show split into two episodes.
In the first episode, it starts with a call from Yu Jae-suk, the permanent MC on the show, telling the rest of the family where the next location is. Each member arrives along with the episode's guest, greeted by Yu Jae-suk who is usually waiting in front of the town hall or a waiting shed. The guest is then given a map to follow to the house that they will be staying in. Once they reach the house, they send off the owners on their vacation and look over the list of chores that the house owners have left behind for them to complete. After this, they begin with the first chore. While completing this chore a game is played in which the family splits up into two teams. After completing the first chore they either go on to the next chore or go to prepare dinner. When preparing dinner, the family splits up the duties once again.
After dinner, the Family plays games for early morning chores. Before Park Ye-jin and Lee Chun-hee's departure, the sleeping arrangements are chosen by having a contest after dinner. Lee Hyo-ri and Park Ye-jin would rank the men in the family from first, as the most desirable, to last (1 to 6 or 7 if there are two male guests) based on how well they perform in the day and the contest. After which the guys rank the girls. Recently, the ranking activities has been replaced with games to figure who will be doing the late-night or early-morning chores. Usually one person is chosen, whether losing as a group or an individual game then choosing the rest, to make a total of three people. The first episode usually ends in the middle of the night's activity.
The second episode begins with the continuation of the night's activity. After the rankings or the nighttime chores, the Family goes to bed. They usually sleep around midnight or later, because of the night activities or because they talk so much before going to sleep. The next morning the show's producer wakes up Yu Jae-suk and gives him the instructions for the Wake Up Mission. Initially, the Wake Up Mission was in the form of a quiz but later on was changed into more physical games. Whoever loses this game, has to make breakfast for the family. The loser then picks one to sometimes three people to make the breakfast with him/her. While they make breakfast, the rest of the Family either goes back to sleep, or completes another chore. The people that makes the breakfast gets to choose what they want to cook. Most of the time, the process of making breakfast takes a long time so it will be at least noon or later when the family members eat breakfast. After breakfast, the Family does the remaining chores on the list left by the owners. While completing the final chores, another game is played. After finishing the chores the owners of the house return and the Family leaves. A preview of the next week's episode and guest/s is shown at the end of the episode.
In later episodes, half of the night's activity aired before preparing dinner, afterwards going back in time (3–4 hours) to prepare dinner, with the episode ending at dinner. The second episode still begins with the continuation of the night's activity, which usually involves the selection of who will be doing the early-morning chores. Then those people are shown doing the chore before the Wake Up Mission is played. Afterwards, breakfast is made and a shot of the "Family" is shown before the preview of the next week's episode. This has virtually eliminated the actual owners' involvement with the family, other than handing the house over to the Family at the beginning.

Season 1

Season 2

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