Friday, November 16, 2012

苏东坡 (蘇東坡) / Su Dong Po

Su Dong Po - 7 disc
Title: 苏东坡 (蘇東坡) / Su Dong Po
Genre: Historical drama
Episodes: 34
Broadcast network: CCTV
Broadcast period: 2008

SynopsisSu Shi was a writer, artist, calligrapher, pharmacologist, and statesman of the Song Dynasty, and one of the major poets of the era. His courtesy name was Zizhan and his pseudonym was Dongpo Jushi (東坡居士 "Resident of Dongpo"), and he is often referred to as Su Dong Po (蘇東坡).
The story centers on the period when Su Dong Po was dismissed from his post and prior to writing "Chibi Fu", or "Red Clif Rhapsody." On the creative aspect, sources from historical facts, folklore, as well as his poems and writings were used, and of course a portion of which is theatrical.
Su Family
Lu Yi as Su Dong Po
Ruby Lin as Wang Fu
Han Xue as Wang Run Zhi
Wang Xiao Chen as Wang Zhao Yun
Song Hao Lin as Su Zhe
Niu Piao as Su Xun
Tang Guo Qiang as Chu Xing
Tang Zhi Ping as Emperor Ren Zong of Song
Cheng Pei Pei
Shi Yao as Empress Gao
Sa Ri Na as Empress Dowager Liang
Zhao Chao as Song Shen Zong
He Wei as Wang An Shi
Li Fang as Qin Guan
Guo Dong Lin as Fu Yin
Su Zai Qiang as Si Ma Guang
Wang Shi Huai as Yang Xiu
Yang Ya Xing as Xiao Lian

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