Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kasuka na Kanojo / 幽かな彼女 (2013)

Kasuka na Kanojo / 幽かな彼女 (2013)   - 3 disc

Title: 幽かな彼女
Title (romaji): Kasukana Kanojo
Broadcast network: KTV
Broadcast start: 2013-April-9
 jumlah disc ; 3 disc ( 11 eps)

Kamiyama Satoshi (Katori Shingo) is a quiet and cool-headed junior high school mathematics teacher with the ability to sense the supernatural which have lost their way. He hates ghosts. They are gloomy, melancholy, selfish, appear in photos that hold pleasant memories and stay in people’s houses even though they do not pay rent. He thinks the world must not let ghosts get carried away. They should brush them off or sprinkle salt. But one day, he encounters a strange ghost. A female ghost called Akane (Anne) who is clumsy, meddlesome and does not know how to swim with the tide. Kamiyama has no interest in his profession. But his encounter with Akane leads him to develop a passion for teaching and tackle problems like bullying which occur in school.


    Katori Shingo as Kamiyama Akira
    Anne as Akane
    Maeda Atsuko as Kawai Chiho
    Kitayama Hiromitsu as Hayashi Kunihiko
    Hamada Mari as Ohara Misao
    Sato Jiro as Yoshioka-san
    Harumi Shiho as Hino Toru
    Hayashi Yasufumi as Kubouchi Mitsuru
    Takashima Masahiro as Iwana Seiji
    Maya Miki as Kirisawa Izumi

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