Sunday, December 8, 2013

Boys Can Fly / 刺蝟男孩 / Ci Wei Nan Hai

Boys Can Fly - 4 disc

    Title: 刺蝟男孩 / Ci Wei Nan Hai
    English title: Boys Can Fly
    Genre: Human drama (Mandarin / Taiwanese dialect)
    Episodes: 20
    Broadcast network: PTS
    Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-31 to 2013-Nov-09


Both known for their fierce fighting skill and volatile temper, Xia Jun Xiang and Cai Ming Yao's rivalry came to a head in prison. Instead of a bloody confrontation, a drum instructor redirected their aggression toward playing drums. The bond they formed while performing together was put to a test soon after they left the structured prison: Unemployment, temptations of their old lives, and love for the same woman awaits them outside.

    He Yi Qi as Chen Jia Hui 陳佳惠
    Li Jia Ying as Xia Yu Jing 夏雨靜
    Hans Chung as Xia Jun Xiang 夏俊翔
    Zhang Ting Hu as Cai Ming Yao (Si Fan) 蔡明耀 (四番)
    Kou Jia Rui as Jiang Wei 江煒

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