Friday, July 11, 2008

Honey and Clover

Title: Feng Mi Xing Yun Cao / Honey and Clover
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 14

A drama adaptation from a hot selling comic. It is a story that portrays how 5 ardent youths from University of the Arts face love, friendship, and the future.
1st love!!! Single-sided love???

The 5th year architecture student Zhen Shan (Joe Cheng), who is gentle and soft on the inside holds a torch for Li Hua (Su Hui Lun), a lady boss of an architectural firm. At the same time, he becomes aware that his best friend, Ya Gong (Janine Chang) is also having a single-sided adoration for him…

Until the elegant and smart suitor, Ye Feng (Chen Yu Fan) appears, Ya Gong then realizes that she and Zhen Shan are the same. Both unable to respond to the affection given by other’s while being caught in the first love of their life…
Love confession!!! Love so pure???

A simple and honest person, architecture student Zhu Ben (Li Guo Yi), falls in love at first sight with the niece of Teacher Xiu Shi (Zhang Han), Xiao Yu (Yi Teng Qian Huang) who is a Fine Arts freshman. Zhu Ben’s 7th year senior, Chang Lin Tian (Peng Hu Yan) also falls for Xiao Yu at the same time. With regard to love, being young and ignorant, both have different attitudes and correspondence. But both have an unbeatable sincerity. In a friendship as sweet as honey, there are also many sour and puckery sides to the aporia of a one-sided love.
Facing issues like producing works of art, graduating, finding employment, the journey to finding oneself, who will finally be the one who is able to find the lucky 4 leave clover, and taste the sweetness of love’s honey

Joe Cheng as Den Zhen Shan - Mayama Takumi
Janine Chang as He Ya Gong - Yamada Ayumi
Eddie Peng as Ren Sen Tian - Morita Shinobu
Lego Li as An Zhu Ben- Takemoto Yuta
Ito Chiaki as Hua Ben Yu - Hanamoto Hagumi
Tarcy Su as Fang Li Hua - Harada Rika
Zhang Han as Hua Xiu Si - Hanamoto Shuji
David Chen as Tang Ye Feng - Nomiya Takumi
Tai Bao as Professor Dan Xia
Yao Dai Wei as You Tian Mei
Luo Bei An as Ya Gong's father
Lin Dao Yuan as Chang Gu Chuan
Nylon Chen as Lu Shan Qi
Shin as Ren Yi Xun

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