Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Do?

Title: I Do?

TV Station: TVBS

Producer/Director: Michael Mak Dong Kit / Mai Dang Jie, Qu Quan Wen

Screenplay/Scriptwriter: Ella Chan Po Wah / Chen Bao Hua

Casts: Blue Lan Zheng Long, Anne Liu Xin Yiu, Figaro Ceng Shao Zong, David Chen Yu Fan, Sha Sha, Yang Gui Mei, Maggie Shiu Mei Ki / Shao Mei Qi,Yi Zheng, Michelle Lin Li Wen, Yang Zhong En,etc.

Start filming: end of Mei 2008

To be aired: October 2008

Main idea: A Life without romance is at best a life half fulfilled. Everyone yearns for true love once in a lifetime!

Previous Title: Are You Ready for Love?


Some storyline and characters info from various news and blogs:

Blue and Figaro are friends.

Annie - Blue - Michelle are in love triangle relationship. Blue's character is afraid of marriage. He is also good in making cakes. whistle.gif

Yi Zheng and Yang Gui Mei are Blue's parent. They are divorced now. Later Yi Zheng married Maggie. Yang GM sacrificed her marriage for her career. Maggie sacrificed her youth for love.

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