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Arakawa Under the Bridge - 3 disc

Arakawa Under the Bridge - 3 disc

Title: 荒川アンダーザ ブリッジ
Title (romaji): Arakawa Under the Bridge
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 10

Broadcast network: TBS
Broadcast period: 2011-Jul-26 to 2011-Sep-24


Ichinomiya “Riku” Kou, a young upper-class man who tries to live a life without any debts to anyone, and a strange yet beautiful homeless girl called Nino who claims to be from the Venus. Unfortunately for him, he ends up owing his life to Nino and has no choice but to live with her under the bridge by the Arakawa river in order to follow his debt-free policy.In 2010, the manga was already made into an anime that spawned two seasons.The live-action movie of “Arakawa Under the Bridge” is scheduled to open in spring of 2012, but TBS already announced that we are also going to see a drama adaption airing in a midnight slot later this summer. -- Tokyohive

Hayashi Kento as Riku
Kiritani Mirei as Nino
Oguri Shun as Soncho
Yamada Takayuki as Hoshi
Shirota Yuu as Sister
Katase Nana as Maria
Abe Natsumi as P-Ko
Tezuka Tooru as Shiro
Hiranuma Norihisa as Billy
Arisaka Kurume as Jacqueline
Tokunaga Eri as Stella
Suruga Taro as the Last Samurai

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