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Journey of the Fortune God

Journey of the Fortune God - 5 disc

Also Known As:
Cai Shen You Dao

Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Release Date: 2011
Episodes: 36
Runtime: 45 minutes per episode
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, 


The world of immortals held an entrance exam, a Buddhist follower called You Dao was chosen to be a celestial being because his honestness and coolness touched the judge, Ni Wawa. You Dao was assigned the job of a minor official in charge of sorting and counting copper coins in the House of Wealth, so he has to sort and count coins all day long. He hated the stink of money, so he decided to violet Heaven’s commandments and escape the life there. You Dao flirted with the eighth princess of the Jade Emperor intentionally, but the princess believed in him and fell in love with him unexpectedly. The eighth princess strongly recommended You Dao to be the Mammon, so that she can be married to You Dao and become the wife of Mammon. The Jade Emperor sent You Dao and a senior official to the earth to be ordinary people and they should compete for the position of the Mammon. The eighth princess used her magic to send the senior official to a poor family and You Dao to the wealthiest family in the capital, the Chai’s house. The eighth princess went to the Ding’s family, which has been in good relationship with Chai’s family, and engaged with You Dao. Beyond her expectation, with the help of the Demon of Money, the senior official cleared his way to fame and wealth, and married the Orchid Fairy. On the contrary, the Chai’s family declined in wealth and status, and Yao Dao was almost sentenced to death. However, the eighth princess didn’t look down upon You Dao, and stayed with him all the time. They suffered countless hardships and finally became big merchants in the area they lived. In the end, after careful thinking of the Secret of Mammon, You Dao won the competition and became the Mammon.

    Sammul Chan
    Gillian Chung
    He Zhuoyan
    Zheng Qi
    Louis Fan
    Joseph Lee
    Gong Lifeng
    Xu Xiaojian
    Wang Zhihua
    Kathy Yuen

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