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Justice Bao – Arbiter Of Kaifeng Mystery - 5 disc

Justice Bao – Arbiter Of Kaifeng Mystery - 5 disc

Judul: Justice Bao – Arbiter Of Kaifeng Mystery
Genre: Action, Crime, Mystery, Drama
Tahun Produksi: may 2013
Durasi: 41 mins
Episodes: 40
Format: OD DTS R1
Total: 5 DVD
Bahasa: Mandarin
Subtitles: Indonesia, Inggris
Pemain: Kenny Ho, Jin Chaoqun, Fan Hongxuan, Wang Shasha, Long Long

Justice Bao is a Mainland Chinese television series centering on the legendary Chinese official Bao Zheng. The show stars Jin Chao-chun, Kenny Ho, Fan Hung-hsuan and Wang Shasha. The first three – as well as actor Lung Lung – first portrayed their respective characters in the 1993 Taiwanese hit Justice Bao.
Producer and lead actor Jin Chao-chun, who had purchased a movie studio in Qingdao solely to film the series, plans a 40-episode season each year until 2019. By that year he would have portrayed Bao Zheng for a total of 1000 episodes in his television career.
Arbiter of Kaifeng mystery stories connected to arbiter of loyalty unto death after the unit is divided into six “Hongzhou grudge”, “Jin Union”, “lost baby in mind”, “gourmand fragrance floor”, “three Golden Flower” , “side stream of blood Yan.

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