Monday, September 24, 2012

50% of a Fairytale / 童话二分之一

50% of a Fairytale 
 26 (5 disc)
 modern, romance
Broadcast network:
Broadcast period:
 2012 Spring

Zhao Ting Yuan and Zhao Ting Yu are a pair of twin sisters separated at birth to be raised apart. Because their grandfather is quite elderly, and older sister Ting Yuan has a weak constitution due to being ill, younger sister Ting Yu is brought back to take over the family business. Ting Yu has to stabilize the family business and help it through its current challenges, which includes the interests of an ambitious man named Jing Qing Yu.
Initially the two sisters are like strangers, but they learn to cooperate and work together to save the family business. Accompanying them through this period is Ting Yuan’s fiancée Du Qing Feng and Jing Wei, the song of Jing Qing Yu. The two sisters learn their own strengths and discover the bittersweet taste of growing through struggle. More importantly, they learn the true meaning of family, and younger sister Ting Yu becomes the main support for older sister Ting Yuan’s battle with illness.

Janine Chang
Lee Joon Hyuk
Zhu Zi Xiao
Liu Mei Han


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