Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Alice in Wonder City 給愛麗絲的奇蹟 / Gai Alice De Qi Ji

Alice in Wonder City
Title: 給愛麗絲的奇蹟 / Gai Alice De Qi Ji
English title: Alice in Wonder City
Also known as: Give Alice A Miracle
Genre: Human drama
Broadcast network: CTS
Broadcast period: 2012-May-20


He Ting Yu is a famous violinist who's just returned from an overseas tour. Chen Hai Jie is a hardworking dreamer who came to the big city to become a world class violin player. Lan Die Fei is a charming girl who has a beautiful voice and an ear for pitch. Alice is a mysterious girl from Japan who wonders the streets searching for the secrets of her past.
The seeds of their dreams are planted in the city; they are all waiting to see if one day the seeds will grow to bear fruit.

Aaron Yan as He Ting Yu 賀霆宇
Xiu Jie Kai as Chen Hai Jie 陳海傑
Lara as Lan Die Fei 藍蝶菲
Yang Gui Mei as Jin Li Sha 金莉莎
Tracy Zhou as Alice / Ito Seiko 伊藤聖子
Lin Li Yang as Tang Jin Cang 唐晉滄
Cherry Hsia as Lan Yu Shu 藍語書
Xuan Ye Ke Fang (萱野可芳) as Su Mei Mei 蘇美玫
Xiang Yu Jie as Chen Hai Na 陳海娜
Wu Zhen Ya (吳震亞) as Ju Li Ren 居里仁
Long Chen Han (隆宸翰) as Li Yun 李雲
Chen Yan Ru (陳彥儒) as A Pan 阿潘

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