Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bad Girl (女孩壞壞)

Judul: Bad Girls
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
Tahun Produksi: 2012
Format: OD DTS R1
Episodes: 1
Total: 1 disks
Bahasa: Mandarin
Subtitles: Indonesia + Inggris
Pemain: Ella, Mike He, Ivy Lin Ying-Zhen, Beatrice Fang Chi-You, Chris Wang You-Sheng, Jack Kao, Pan Li-Li, Wu Pao-Chun, Bi Xiao-Hai, Kitamura Toyoharu, Ying Wei-Min, Pang Chin-Yu

Bad Girls is a youthful romantic comedy about a high school girl Dan (Ella Chen) who has a chivalrous personality. She and her two best friends form a girl group called ‘Bad Girls’ in school to fight bullies. One day, a filming crew borrows Dan’s school to film a romantic movie. The male lead, Justin (Mike Ho) is a popular idol and the girls in school are going crazy over him. Dan is chosen as the female lead, starring opposite the arrogant Justin. Curious about Justin, Dan tries to find out more about him. But unknown to her and the others, Justin buries a dark secret deep within him. The filming of this odd pair continues, brewing up a whole lot of hilarious episodes. Will Justin finally let down his guard and reveal his secret to Dan? How will Dan be able to overcome the challenges placed in front of her? Feel the lighthearted love as romance blossoms this summer!

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