Monday, October 1, 2012

Young Gun in the Time


    Movie: Young Gun in the Time
    Revised romanization: Young Gun Indeo Taim
    Hangul: 영건 인더 타임
    Director: Oh Young-Doo
    Writer: Oh Young-Doo
    Producer: Nonoka Iwasaki
    World Premiere: February, 2012 (Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival)
    Release Date: August 30, 2012
    Runtime: 95 min.
    Genre: Action / Sci-Fi / Time Travel
    Distributor: IndieStory
    Language: Korean
    Country: South Korea, Japan


Detective Young-Gun (Hong Young-Geun) specializes in frivolous cases, due to his money woes. One day, a beautiful woman named Song-Hyun (Choi Song-Hyeon) comes to his office and asks Young-Gun to kill a man, but he refuses citing his profession's moral honor code. Nevertheless, Young-Gun is strongly attracted to the beautiful woman and follows her when she leaves his office.

Young-Gun then witnesses Song-Hyun getting killed in a car accident. He is traumatized over her death and decides to investigate her background.

Surprisingly, a woman, who looks exactly looks Song-Hyun, appears in front of Young-Gun. Young-Gun knows that the woman is Song-Hyun from 3 days in the future. Song-Hyun then asks Young-Gun to save her life and he accepts her request. Young-Gun has only 3 days to save her, but first he has to get a time machine.

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