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原來愛.就是甜蜜 / Once Upon A Love

Once Upon A Love - 3 disc



  • Title: 原來愛.就是甜蜜 / Yuan Lai Ai, Jiu Shi Tian Mi
  • English title: Once Upon A Love
  • Also known as: 甜蜜魔幻巴士 / Tian Mi Mo Huan Bus
  • Genre: Romance
  • Broadcast network: FTV / GTV
  • Broadcast period: 2012-Jul-08


A decade ago when Li Jin Yang/John Lee (Sunny Wang) was still a high school student, because of what Tian Ru Mi (Cheryl Yang) said - who was then the crowned "Rose Princess", inspired him to become a fashion designer. Ten years later, Li Jin Yang finally became a fashion designer in the United States and after being awarded an prestigious award known as the "Best Women's Outfit Designer" award, both his career and love life was perfect. However, things did not turn out as good for Ru Mi who once won the "Rose Princess Pageant" is now a tour guide and also a single mother with an eleven year old son. After being forced to move out of her house in Taipei and the closure of the travel agency she was working for, Ru Mi lost both her source of income and house, not knowing when her next meal will be.

After receiving a phone call, Jin Yang was informed that his grandmother (Mei Fang) was sick and wanted to bring his girlfriend Rebecca (Katherine Wang) back to Taiwan with him to meet his family. However, Rebecca refused and in the end Li Jin Yang had no choice but to leave for Taiwan by himself. Under the encouragement of her friend and her future colleague, Gu Li (Ying Wei Min), Ru Mi returned to her hometown-Zhang Hua and started a small travel agency business with a small bus known as "Sweet Bus". After Ji Yang unknowingly helped Ru Mi to complete a new design template for the bus's exterior that was drawn by her son, Tian Yi Xiang, Ji Yang and Ru Mi meet again after ten years.

When Jin Yang found out that his grandmother had pretended to be ill to trick him into returning to Taiwan, he was furious and wanted to return to the United States. However, Jin Yang was unable to go against his grandmother's words, he had no choice but to accept his grandmother's request to go on a blind date with a rich daughter of the local winery owner. However, Jin Yang is starting to fall in love with Ru Mi again and Ru Mi, who believes that she would one day find Yi Xiang's father again, gets disappointed again and again starts to open her heart to Jin Yang. Jin Yang then becomes Yi Xiang's godfather after knowing that Yi Xiang longs to have a father because he never met his own father before. However, when Yi Xiang's father, Xu Ye, appears at the same time, 

Cheryl Yang as Tian Ru Mi 田如蜜
Sunny Wang as John Lee 李勁陽
Wu Zhong Tian as Xu Ye 徐燁
Yu Hong Yuan as Xu Juan Juan 徐娟娟
Juan Juan (捲捲) as Tian Yi Xiang 田易翔
Ying Wei Min as Gu Li 古立
Ma Nian Xian as Chen Yao Ming 陳耀明

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