Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Thieves

The Thieves


Posing as mother and daughter, two professional thieves - middle-aged alcoholic Chewing Gum (Kim Hae-sook) and trashy-sexy cat burglar Anycall (Jun Ji-hyun) - rob the wealthy owner of Leesung Gallery (Shin Ha-kyun) of a r

are artifact he bought from notorious Chinese fence Wei Hong (Ki Gook-seo). The theft is organized by team leader Popeye (Lee Jung-jae), helped by his associate Jampano (Kim Soo-hyun). The next day they are visited by a police detective (Ju Jin-mo) who is hot on Popeye's trail. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong Chinese veteran thief Chen (Simon Yam), along with Johnny (Derek Tsang) and Korean-Chinese Andrew (Oh Dal-soo), are busy robbing a jewelry shop. Afterwards, they're joined by Julie (Angelica Lee), the daughter of a professional safecracker. To escape the heat at home, the Koreans join Chen's gang in Hong Kong for a heist led by South Korean master thief Macau Park (Kim Yoon-seok), who was once Popeye's boss. Park's plan is to steal the Tear of the Sun diamond, worth US$30 million, which was stolen during an exhibition in Tokyo by Japanese thief Madame Tiffany (Yeh Soo-jung), mistress of Wei Hong, who is coming to sell it in Macau. Popeye has brought along safecracker Pepsi (Kim Hye-soo), just released on parole, but Park is unhappy with her joining the team, as they once had a relationship that ended badly four years ago. Park intends to sell the diamond back to Wei Hong for US$20 million - a risky venture as Wei Hong, whose face has rarely been seen, has a habit of murdering anyone who crosses him. Everyone in the team of thieves has a separate agenda and, when the robbery finally takes place in Macau, little goes according to plan.


Kim Yoon-seok ... Macau Park
Kim Hye-soo ... Peps
Lee Jung-jae ... Popeye
Jeon Ji-hyun ... Anycal
Kim Hae-sook ... Chewing Gum
Oh Dal-soo ... Andrew
Kim Soo-hyun ... Jampano
Simon Yam ... Chen

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