Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Bride with White Hair / 新白发魔女传 / Xin Bai Fa Mo Nv Zhuan

 The Bride with White Hair - 7 disc


    Title: 新白发魔女传 / Xin Bai Fa Mo Nv Zhuan
    English title: The Bride with White Hair
    Also known as: New Bride with White Hair
    Genre: Wuxia, romance
    Episodes: 36
    Broadcast network: Hunan TV
    Broadcast period: 2012-Sep-7 start


In Ming Dynasty China during Tian Qi Emperor's fourth year of reign, the people of Guang Yuan continue to face crop failure and famine. Zhuo Ji Xian, an official of the Ministry of Revenue, is dispatched by order of the crown prince to deliver rations and fodder to the stricken region. While passing through the Jade Dragon Mountains, he and his men, along with the provisions, are seized by Lian Ni Chang, a female vigilante. Zhuo Ji Xian's son Zhuo Yi Hang, Wu Dang's head disciple, comes to his father's rescue, thereby becoming embroiled in the battle between the crown prince, infamous eunuch politician Wei Zhong Xian, and Lian Ni Chang. Although the two start off on the wrong foot, Zhuo Yi Hang and Lian Ni Chang are mutually attracted to each other and fall in love. However, misunderstandings occur that cause a rift in their relationship, and Lian Ni Chang's hair turns white overnight after believing that Zhuo Yi Hang has betrayed her. To restore Lian Ni Chang's former beauty and reunite with his lover, Zhuo Yi Hang travels to Mount Heaven in search of a legendary rare flower that blooms only once every 60 years.

    Nicky Wu as Zhuo Yi Hang
    Ma Su as Lian Ni Chang
    Guo Zhen Ni as He E Hua
    Louis Fan as Yue Ming Ke
    Liu Si Tong as Tie Shan Hu
    Li Jie as Geng Shao Nan
    Ye Zu Xin as Xin Long Zi
    Zhuo Fan as Jin Du Yi
    Yue Yao Li as Tie Fei Long
    Lily Tien as Hong Hua Gui Mu
    Ben Ng as Murong Chong
    Wei Lai as Bai Min
    Zhang Tian Qi as Wang Zhao Xi
    Wang Yi as Meng Qiu Xia
    Guo Ke Tong as Tang Jia Bi
    Michelle Yim as Ling Mu Hua
    Dai Jiao Qian as mysterious heroine
    Zhu Rong Rong as Ying Xiu Yang
    Hou Yu as Gongsun Lei
    Fei Wei Ni as Mo Jiao

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