Thursday, June 13, 2013

happy noodle

judul DVD : happy noodle - 5 disc

 The drama Name: happy noodle

Episode: 24 sets - 5 disc

Starring: Yoon Shi Yoon, Lee Mayfair, Zhang Junning, Kim Bo-US high Shuguang, Wang Yi, Li Li, Zhang rustling

Director: Zhou Jiawen

Publisher: Zhejiang China the policies Television Corporation

Main Cast:

Yinshiyunshi Jiangxiu Can

Zhang Junning decorated Zhang

Lee Mayfair decorated Loletta

The high dawn ornaments Zhang Lin

The Wang Yi decorated Run US

Kim Bo charms Xu Yuting


Korean cuisine the division Enying with Chinese fencer Zhang numerous misunderstandings love adjourned to the front after a two-year keepsake convention to do with the silver medal, Zhang car accident and missed appointments, Ying gave birth to a son lake Friends Run Mainz show Thai accidental body death, leaving his son, Enying relying on a small noodle shop for a living, raising two children in Lake real lake. Enying unfortunately suffering from pancreatic cancer, his deathbed entrusted to run U.S. with lake go to China to find Zhang Lin, and Run the United States in order to after the personal interests framed cohabitation decade Jinbao, with the lake really Diaobao lake to China, and Zhang married. stay in Korea nursery lake show Can grow up surface craft adhering to their mothers to come to China to find father came to the world-famous Hangzhou surface Hall, in this case a lot of the day do surface master and former brother Zhang Jian . despite Zhang lake really has been renamed and run U.S. heavy calculations show Can With a persistent, kind, diligent heart finally ushered in returning to the family and the sweet love, to overcome the difficulties and successfully developed a 'happy noodle.

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