Thursday, June 20, 2013

雲上的誘惑 / The Lure Af Cloud 3disc tamat

Title : The Lure Af Cloud 3disc tamat
main cast
lee tae,
ran tan,
kai ti,
feng shao,
yong zhang


This is a new generation of China's civil aviation growth story. An airline aviatrix Teng Fei, rebellious, enthusiastic sense of justice, have a good flight talent, but the lack of safety awareness, with the competent security leadership Fang Kun frequent occurrence of collision. Maintenance Luo Kuang first met the female pilots, he was attracted to her distinctive, two people in a noisy, the unconscious has fallen in love with each other. Seven years ago, Fang Kun's wife Yu Wen - an excellent crew chief in a plane crash in sacrifice. Returning to his post on the plane, he saw a trance Yu Wen shuttle figure - Shulin. The arrival of his son a stone quietly changed everything. In has a sunny personality Teng Fei and Luo Kuang these young people under the influence, Fang Kun feeling in the world back in the sunshine strip, final and Shulin together.

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