Sunday, June 2, 2013

借用一下你的愛 / Jie Yong Yi Xia Ni De Ai / Borrow Your Love

 Borrow Your Love 3 disc

Title: 借用一下你的愛 / Jie Yong Yi Xia Ni De Ai
    English title: Borrow Your Love
    Genre: Romance
    Broadcast network: CTV
    Broadcast period: 2013-Mar-03



Xie Ping An and Ye Chen pretended to be a couple in order to hook up their friends. However, the mismatch duo find themselves attracted to one another instead.

    Amanda Zhu as Xie Ping An 謝平安
    Dylan Kuo as Ye Chen 葉晨
    Shi Yi Nan as Li Zi Wen 黎子文
    Cherry Hsia as Xie Xi Le 謝喜樂
    Allen Chao as Li Shi Cheng 季世城
    Linda Liu as Bai Ming Li 白明俐
    Deng Yun Ting as
    Huang Shan Liang (荒山亮)
    Huang Ke Jing (黃克敬) as Ji Li Sa 季麗莎
    Chen Qiao Wei (陳喬威) as Li Huo Ying 季霍英

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