Wednesday, September 25, 2013

情逆三世緣 / Always and Ever

Always and Ever – 4 disc

Title: 情逆三世緣 / Qíng nì sānshì yuán
English title: Always and Ever
Producer: Chong Wai-kin
Genre: Ancient, Love, Drama
Episodes: 30

Jumlah disc : 4 disc
Production Company: TVB
Broadcast period: August 12, 2013 – September 20, 2013

Cast:Bobby Au Yeung
Esther Kwan
Ben Wong
Pierre Ngo
Ram Chiang
Timothy Cheng
Christine Kuo
Benjamin Yuen
Mandy Wong
Rebecca Zhu

The results of a daggering oath causes CIB officer Bobby Au-Yeung to accidentally kill his girlfriend, Esther Kwan. Overcome with grief, his soul escapes and travels back in time to the Song Dynasty, where it attaches itself to the body of Justice Bao Zheng (Bobby). He is surprised to meet an ex-princess (Esther) who looks exactly like his girlfriend. Unfortunately, she gets framed by the evil minister Ben Wong and Bobby, as the famously impartial justice, is forced to execute her. Distraught, his soul leaves him again and finds its way to the 1950s. Bobby becomes a well-known detective and learns that Esther is present in this era as well. However, she does not recognize him and instead accuses him of murdering her husband. While Bobby investigates the case, he inadvertently discovers that the dancer Rebecca Zhu and her boyfriend Pierre Ngo are his parents in their youth. Bobby finds out that Esther’s sister (Mandy Wong) has been behind everything. Tragedy strikes once more and Bobby kills Esther for the third time. His soul returns to the modern era. In order to protect Esther, Bobby is determined to break the curse. He searches for the person who placed the curse, but is shocked to discover that he is at the root of the tragedy…

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