Wednesday, September 11, 2013

紫钗奇缘 / Purple hairpin ( Love in the purple)

Purple hairpin ( Love in the purple) - 5 disc

Title: 紫钗奇缘 / Zǐ chāi qí yuán
English title: Loved in the Purple
Genre: Romance, Drama
Producer: Michelle Ye
Episodes: 35
Broadcast Date: September 4, 2013

Raymond Lam (林峯) as Nalan Dong
Michelle Ye (葉璇) as Huo Xiaoyu
Zheng Yitong (郑亦桐) as Lu Jinglan
Elaine Jin (金燕玲)
Chen Yi Rong (Tammy) (陈怡蓉)
Bao Wen Jing (包文婧)
Yuen King Dan (苑瓊丹) as Ning Guogong
Zhang Tianqi (张天其)

Legend of the Purple Hairpin takes place in the Tang dynasty, a time when Chinese art, fashion, music, dance, and novel inventions were at their highest peak. Raymond Lam portrays the heroic Nalan Dong, known as the “Yellow-Clothed One”, who falls in love with beautiful dancer Huo Xiaoyu, played by Michelle Ye. However, Dong’s best friend Li Yi, played by Cheng Cheng, is also deeply in love with Xiaoyu. Choosing brotherhood over love, Dong decides to step down in his pursuit of love.

This drama is a loose adaptation of the classic Ming dynasty opera, The Purple Hairpin and from Tang’s classic novel “The Purple Hairpin” about Huo Xiaoyu,

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