Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sakura kara no Tegami 桜からの手紙

Sakura kara no Tegami - 2 disc

    Title: 桜からの手紙
    Title (romaji): Sakura kara no Tegami

    Episodes: 9
    Viewership ratings: TBA
    Broadcast network: NTV



A soon-to-be-graduating girls high school class finds out their homeroom teacher is terminally ill. He writes each of them a letter, and they encounter various difficulties in their senior year. The students are all played by members of the band AKB48. With a special schedule, this show airs nightly over the broadcast period.

    Takahashi Minami as herself
    Kashiwagi Yuki as herself
    Kitahara Rie as herself
    Kojima Haruna as herself
    Miyazawa Sae as herself
    Watanabe Mayu (渡辺麻友) as herself
    Akimoto Sayaka as herself
    Oshima Yuko as herself
    Sato Amina (佐藤亜美菜) as herself
    Minegishi Minami as herself
    Miyazaki Miho as herself

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