Sunday, September 1, 2013

Love SOS / 愛情急整室 / Ai Qing Ji Zheng Shi

Love SOS - 3 disc

Title: 愛情急整室 / Ai Qing Ji Zheng Shi
English title: Love SOS
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 10 / 3 disc
Broadcast network: CTV
Broadcast period: 2013-Jun-09


Han Tian Yu is a friendly island physician. His father has a stroke and his mother urges him to take over the family business - a beauty medical clinic. However, Tian Yu can't understand why his father abandoned him and his mother, and can't forgive him for finding someone new. He is extremely reluctant to rescue the clinic. In a series of coincidental mishaps, he meets Tong Lin, who happens to be father Han's student and mother Han's tenant, and she poses as his fiance. The enthusiastic and optimistic Tong Lin is discontent towards Tian Yu's negative attitude.


Daniel Chan as Han Tian Yu 韓天宇
Jian Man Shu as Tong Lin 童琳
Patrick Lee as Shao Xiang Feng 邵翔風
Amber An (安心亞) as Lu Yi Jie 陸伊婕

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