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cleopatra na onnatachi - 2 disc

cleopatra na onnatachi - 2 disc


Title: クレオパトラな女たち
Title (romaji): Cleopatra na Onnatachi
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Human drama
Episodes: 8

Broadcast network: NTV
Broadcast period: 2012-Apr-18 to 2012-Jun-06


Kishi Minetaro is a skilled and serious-minded plastic surgeon. He looks down on doctors earning money through cosmetic surgeries as well as on women asking for such medical procedures. However, having to repay his father's debt, Minetaro chooses lucrative work at a clinic specializing in aesthetic plastic surgery.

The clinic is full of beautiful women, including the director Yukawa Mari, who is well known for her skills in breast reconstruction, a highly-trusted doctor Ichii Mutsumi, and a cheerful nurse Kishitani Aoi. But most of them have already had some work done to their faces, and they strongly believe that “faces are for lives.”

Various types of patients visit this clinic. As Minetaro needs to keep this job to continue paying off the debt, he has no choice but to respond to the patients' selfish requests, such as, “I need my previous face back because my husband suspects that I may cheat on him now that I have a surgically-altered, young-looking face,” or “I want to change my face and look different from my twin sister.” But their wishes makes him wonder...If they change their appearances, will their futures become brighter? Will their worries disappear?

“Beauty” is the keyword set in this human drama, depicting the true feelings of women through the eyes of a surgeon who isn't attuned to reading a woman's mind. --NTV

Sato Ryuta as Kishi Minetaro
Inoue Takuya (井上拓也) as young Minetaro (ep7)
Inamori Izumi as Ichii Mutsumi
Kitano Kii as Kishitani Aoi
Ayano Go as Kurosaki Yu
Motozawa Takumi (本澤琢魅) as young Yu (ep7)
Miura Shohei as Tomisaka Shoji
Ashina Sei as Hoshida Miwa
Miyaji Masako as Muramatsu Haru
Unou Tasuku (宇納佑) as Ichii Katsuya

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