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Limit 2 disc

Limit 2 disc


Title: リミット
Title romaji: LIMIT
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Suspense
Episodes: 12
Viewership ratings: TBD
Broadcast network: TV Tokyo
Broadcast period: 2013-Jul-12 to 2013-Sep-27


The protagonist is a girl named ‘Konno Mizuki’ (Sakuraba), a typical senior high school girl who is good at studying, knows much about fashion and is good at reading the situation. She is also fortunate to belong to the cool clique of her class called the “Sakura Group”.

One day the class is on their way to a field trip, when suddenly their bus falls of a cliff in the mountains. Only five girls survive the accident. They are injured, lost in the mountains and no one is coming for their rescue anytime soon. Pushed to their limits, the girls are forced to switch into survival mode and to lay bare their innermost feelings.

Sakuraba Nanami as Konno Mizuki
Tsuchiya Tao as Kamiya Chieko
Kudo Ayano as Ichinose Haru
Yamashita Rio as Morishige Arisa
Suzuki Katsuhiro as Hinata Haruaki
Masuda Yuka (増田有華) as Usui Chikage
Kubota Masataka as Igarashi Wataru
Watanabe Ikkei as Konno Hirokazu
Funaki Sachi as Konno Sumiyo
Taki Yukari as Konno Haruka
Takada Riho (高田里穂) as Himesawa Sakura
Yamamoto Yuko as Mitsuoka Yuriko
Oishi Goro as Principal Mabuchi
Koshoji Shion (古小路志音) as Kamiya Riko
Hashino Ryonosuke (土師野隆之介) as Kamiya Yutaro

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