Monday, November 11, 2013

就是要你愛上我 / Jiu Shi Yao Ni Ai Shang Wo

Just You - 4 disc end

Title: 就是要你愛上我 / Jiu Shi Yao Ni Ai Shang Wo
English title: Just You
Genre: Romance
Broadcast network: SETTV


Qi Yi is a boss from hell. He is worst than a control freaking dictator. He is the saboteur of office romances. Cheng Liang Liang was tasked by her coworkers to break down the boss' defense and have him lift the anti-office-romance rule.

Aaron Yan as Qi Yi 齊翼

Kai Luo (凱羅) as Childhood Qi Yi

Guo Xue Fu as Cheng Liang Liang 程亮亮
Katherine Wang as Liang Kai Te 梁凱特
Tang Zhen Gang as Alex 姚子軒

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