Monday, November 11, 2013

I Love U Love U Love I / IUUI / 我愛你愛你愛我

Title: I Love U Love U Love I / IUUI / 我愛你愛你愛我

Jumlah disc 3 disc

Total 13 Episodes
Genres: Drama, Romance
Country: Taiwan
Original title: 我爱你爱你爱我


Chloe Wang Le Yan as Wang Dan Dan

Max Liu Yi Hao as Luo Jia He

Suzuki Yuki as Kuwata Ichiro

Jennifer Yin Chong Zhen as Zhao Wen

Wang Dan Dan and Luo Jia He grew up as siblings even though they have different biological parents. They never thought of themselves as being more than family. But when girl/boyfriend entered the picture and marriage was in the talk, they realized their feelings for one another was more than just sibling love.

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