Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jackal Is Coming

Jackal Is Coming


Clumsy and off-the-wall hit man Bong Min-jung (Song Ji-hyo) is hired to kill top Hallyu star Choi Hyun (Kim Jaejoong). She ambushes him at Paradise Hotel in Seong-ju where the cops are on a stakeout for serial killer "Jackal". However Min-jung realizes that Hyun is her favorite star, and Hyun finds out that her client is his ex-girlfriend. Then Angela arrives and the two mee

t Hyun, her boy toy, she is unintentionally stabbed to death by Min-jung. Curious chemistry develops between the two, and he decides to help her.

Song Ji-hyo as Bong Min-jung, female killer
Kim Jaejoong as Choi Hyun, a K-pop star[3][4]
Oh Dal-soo
Han Sang-jin
Kim Sung-young

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