Monday, December 10, 2012

Sweet Sweet Bodyguard

Sweet Sweet Bodyguard – 8 disc
Title: 剩女保鏢 / Sheng Nv Bao Biao
English title: Sweet Sweet Bodyguard
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 80
Broadcast network: SETTV

Raised up in a military family and trained to become a bodyguard, Zhen Ai-Jia (played by Teresa Meng) is all about responsibility, loyalty and honor. But at heart, she is an ordinary young girl who is eager to fall in love. In order to prevent herself from becoming a “leftover girl” at too early of an age, she decided that her next mission will also be her last one. However, what she did not expect was that her new client, CEO of a famous vehicle company He Zhong-Qi (played by Huang Hong Sheng), would be such a difficult person to get along with…
Huang Hong Sheng as He Zhong-Qi 何仲祈
Teresa Meng as Zhen Ai-Jia 甄愛家
Li Li Ren as Zheng Ya-Lun 鄭亞倫
Yuan Ai Fei (袁艾菲) as Du Cai-Jie 杜采潔
Fu Lei (傅雷) as Qin Qi-Hong 秦啟宏 (He Zhong-Qi’s foster father, Zheng Ya-Lun’s biological father)
Chen Bo Zheng as Zhen Shi-Hao 甄世豪 (Zhen Ai-Jia’s father)
Tan Ai Zhen as Shi Jin-Xiu 石錦琇 (He Zhong-Qi’s grandmother)
Bonnie Yu as Qin Ming-Yu 秦明玉 (Qin Qi-Hong’s daughter)
Linda Liu as You Min-Hui 游敏慧 (Qin Ming-Yu’s mother)
Crystal Lin as Sheng Ting-Ting 沈婷婷
Xu Hao Xuan (徐浩軒) as Shen Wei-Qiang 沈瑋強 (Shen Ting-Ting’s younger brother)
Ke Shu Qin as Li Qin-Mei 李勤美 (Shen Ting-Ting and Shen Wei-Qiang’s mother)
Zeng Zi Yu as Du Cheng-En 杜丞恩 (Du Cai-Jie’s younger brother)
Luo Xuan Ming (駱炫銘) as Zheng Winnie 鄭維尼 (Zheng Ya-Lun’s son)
Lai Dong-Xian (賴東賢) as Jia Ge-Biao 賈格標 aka Brother Biao 鏢哥 (Bodyguard)
Qiu Jun-Ru (邱俊儒) as Cheng Jian-Bao 成建保 aka Brother Bao 保哥 (Bodyguard)

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