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名媛望族 / Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles - 6 disc

Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles - 6 disc

Title: 名媛望族 / Ming Wun Mong Zuk
English title: Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles
Producer: Chong Wai Kein
Genre: Pre-modern, Drama, Family
Episodes: 40
Production Company: TVB
Broadcast period: October 22, 2012

Damian Lau
Idy Chan
Kenneth Ma
Tavia Yeung
Ron Ng
Rebecca Zhu
Elena Kong
Mary Hon
Sire Ma
Vincent Wong
JJ Jia
Shek Sau
Charmaine Li
Chan Wing Chun
Lily Lee
Stephen Huynh
Bak Yan
Sammy Sum

The 1930s Hong Kong is the time of the East and West cultural shock. Women start fighting for their rights and status, changing the 'men superior to women' image. Famous barrister CHUNG CHEUK MAN (Damien Lau) studied in England and lives a British lifestyle, but inside he's actually a traditional Chinese man. He married several wives to show off his power and upper class status. First wife KOO SUM LAN (Mary Hon) was a rich girl, second wife is former Qing dynasty princess YEE YIN (Idy Chan), third wife came from a family that owned banks YIK YI FONG (Elena Kong), fourth wife is famous Damadan HONG TZE KWAN (Tavia Yeung) and the fifth wife CHUI DAN DAN (JJ Jia), an vanity admiring woman. However, MAN only loves TZE KWAN, but because she's fighting for women rights, she often gets into a conflict of interest with him. Because MAN is a strict and authoritarian father, his two sons CHUNG KAI SAN (Kenneth Ma) and CHUNG KAI WAH (Vincent Wong) eventually starts going against him. His daughter CHUNG HO YEE (Sire Ma) gave up everything to marry a poor police officer (Adrian Chau). Meanwhile, the girl who KAM MUK SHUI (Ron Ng) loves, KWAI SIU YAU (Rebecca Zhu), marries into the Chung family to start her plan for revenge. This wealthy and prominent family may seem warm on the surface, but in reality they are are scattered and disunited. (aZnangel)

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