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迷情双龙 / Chinese detective

 Chinese detective - 5 disc

    * Subtitle: 迷情双龙 / Mi Qing Shuang Long
    * Genre: Detective, suspense
    * Episodes: 36
    * Broadcast period: 2012
    * Original writing (novel): Xing Ming Shi Ye by Mu Yi (沐轶)
    * Producer: Gu Zi Ying
    * Director: Yuan Xiao Man
    * Filming start: 2011-Oct-03
* Wallace Huo as Meng Tian Chu
      an advisor, rich, playboy from Italy, came to china
Meng Tian Chu, around 25 years old. He is a mysterious person who suddenly appear in Zheng Hai. Looks like a Chinese but dresses like a foreigner. Doesnt seem to know much stuffs but is handsome and young, plus rich. And he knows a lot of skills that Chinese dont appreciate. Happy character, jovial, unbounded. 

    * Nicky Wu as Duan Ping
   a discreet, smart, and bold crime solver.
    * He Zhuo Yan as Xia Feng Yi
    * Fei Wei Ni as Huan Fei Yan
    * Wang Wen Jie as Xin Ge

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Meng Tian Chu travels to Ming dynasty China in search of his father and solves various difficult and at times perilous mysteries with the outwardly meek, but internally resolute native Duan Ping. The two of them use very different methods to solve the same cases and are constantly at odds with each other while vying for the affection of the same girl, Xia Feng Yi.
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the period investigative Xing Ming Shi Ye adapted from a novel of the same name. Xing Ming Shi Ye involves two very different men who both investigate crimes, but using wholly different approaches. One is methodical and analytical, while the other hands on and scientific. Obviously the story makes them reluctant partners working to crack the same case(s). If Wallace and Nicky have great chemistry, this drama should be lots of fun to watch.
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