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엄마가 뭐길래 / What is Mom

What is Mom - 5 disc

Title: 엄마가 뭐길래 / What is Mom
Also known as: Mom is Acting Up
Chinese Title: 媽媽是什麼
Genre: Family, Sitcom, Romance
Episodes: 27
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2012-Oct-09 to 2012-Dec-18


This drama tell the story of a mom who stay with her children again after her children jobless.

Na Moon Hee is a owner of a noodle shop. Her children already independent and stay in their own house. After jobless, their children come back to the home again, stay and work together in her noodle house.


Na Moon Hee’s family

Na Moon Hee as Na Moon Hee
Park Jung Hak as Park Jung Hak
Park Mi Sun as Park Mi Sun
Kim Suh Hyung as Kim Suh Hyung
Ryu Seung Soo as Ryu Seung Soo
Seo Yi Ahn (서이안) as Park Ji Hye (21)
Kim Sae Ron as Park Sae Ron

Byung Man’s family

Kim Byung Man as Kim Byung Man
Yoo Yun Suk as Kim Yun Suk
L @ Kim Myung Soo as Kim Myung Soo

Noddle House family

Kim Hye Min (김혜민) as Kim Hye Min (50)
Goo Ja Myung (구자명) as Goo Ja Myung (21)
Yoo Ah Ra as Yoo Ah Ra

Organic Restaurant family

Shin So Yool as Shin So Yool
Kim Jae Hwa (김재화) as Kim Jae Hwa (30)
Min Dae Hong (민대홍) as Min Dae Hong (21)

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